weekend wardrobe

No need to check out Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram for outfit inspiration – we’ve got it all right here. Take a look at some of our favorite styles you know we’ll be rocking this weekend.

Graphic tee


I have a love hate relationship with graphic tees. I like them to be more simple, with minimal writing like the one above. Anything more and I tend to look like a small child. Wear a cute saying with leggings, or dress it up with tons of jewelry and maybe even some heels if you’re feeling sassy.

Asymmetric skirt

Um… hello gorgeous. Skirts alone have been my obsession lately, but an asymmetric skirt? I’ll take one in every color and texture please.

Nude athleisure

I’m all for wearing athletic wear to any occasion ever, but especially if it’s nude. Warm neutral tones are always in, so why not change up your workout gear and add some of these shades? You might even look a little more put together than usual, which is a plus.

Fluffy slides

Take your comfort to the next level with these stylish yet slipper-like slides. Wear them around the house or out to run errands.



A belt can tie your entire outfit together, and keep your pants at a normal place on your hips. Who knew? A belt would work perfectly over a mini skirt or even wide-legged jeans.

Bright one piece

One pieces are always sexy, but why not play it up and go with a bright color? Summer is the time to wear metallics and bright colors.

Open-back crop top

black open back crop top
Image: Pinterest

Occasions you can wear an open-back crop top to: just about everything. I especially love these for concerts, but really I’ll wear them anytime.