Happy almost weekend ladies, here are some of our favorite pieces that you NEED to incorporate into your wardrobe this weekend. Like, you need them.


Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Velvet is one of the most unique textures out there to throw into your look. My advice is to choose only one velvet piece so that it’s not too overwhelming, like a top or a mini dress.


We’re pretty sure layering will never go out of style. With cold weather quickly approaching us, staying cute in the cold is a bit hard sometimes. When in doubt, pull out a flannel and a sweater and throw them both on. Cute and casual.


Okay… give them a chance. With the right fit and other accessories, overalls can be a seriously cute fashion statement. Pair them with a cute crop top (if it’s still warm enough) or a simple tank and a ton of jewelry for a stand-out look.

All black everything

With fall and winter coming, you finally have a valid excuse to wear all black everything. This is the most versatile and easy look to create, just find everything black you own and put it on. Simple and sexy.