weekend wardrobe

Happy almost weekend! In this week’s weekend wardrobe, I bring to you some ideas to spruce up your look. Whether it’s jewelry or shoes, you can always add a little something to your outfit to complete it.

Mixed metals

mixed metals
Image: Pinterest

The myth that silver and gold don’t go together can be busted right here and now. Mixing metals is one of my favorite trends because you can literally throw all of your jewelry on and it will all complement each other. Stick with bracelets and necklaces if you’re mixing silver and gold, and watch your outfit step up to the next level.


Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Ball caps can be worn with more than sweatpants and hair ties. Try making a nicer outfit a bit more casual by adding any kind of hat, but make sure the colors somewhat match. Whether you’re wearing a sweater, a flannel, or even a blouse, a hat can add a “sporty” vibe to your outfit.

Oversized sweatshirts


With the cold weather still around, nothing is better than lounging around in the warmth of your home. But who says you can’t look cute while doing it? Some sweatshirts can be big enough to be worn as a dress, but some are even made longer for the same purpose. Add some knee high socks and you’re ready for a cute and cozy day in.

Round sunglasses


Round sunglasses don’t just have to be for hippies. These bad boys can take your outfit from boring to cute instantly. Seriously, putting these on makes you feel ten times cooler.