Hey ladies. Today I’ve got the perfect mix of fashion inspiration for whatever you’ve got going on this weekend, whether it’s casual or a bit dressier.

Textured “sports” bras

sports bra bralette
Image: Pinterest

Anything that vaguely resembles a bralette or sports bra automatically calls my name. You can legit wear them with anything. ANYTHING. The one above has a satin-like texture, but they can come in all different textures. Lace, beaded, crocheted, you name it. Wear a thicker one with anything high waisted, or simply rock one under any loose shirt for a bit of boho detail.

One piece bathing suit

Image: whitefoxboutique.com
Image: whitefoxboutique.com

One pieces are back, people. Only now, they’re sexier. Not only are they easier and more comfortable to wear than a stringy bikini, you can throw on some high waisted jean shorts at any time and create an outfit. Hello summer.

Flowy shorts

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

I live in these anytime it’s warm outside. They’re so versatile – you can make them super casual or dress them up a bit for any occasion. They’re comfy and cute, which is everything we could ever want.

Breathable sweater

Even though the weather is getting warmer, there are definitely going to be some chilly nights and mornings ahead of us. Throw on a breathable sweater with some shorts and you’re good to go.