Happy Thursday ladies—even though we are patiently waiting until Friday finally graces us with her presence. Check out these pieces for some style inspiration this weekend, no matter what your plans are.


Okay, hear me out. Turtlenecks are usually something you make fun of your mom for wearing because they look nerdy, but think about it. It’s basically like you’re wearing a built-in scarf on your sweater/shirt. What more can you ask for with the upcoming colder months?

Long sleeve dresses

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Are these not perfect for fall? They’ll keep you from getting too chilly, but at the same time allowing you to wear a flowy dress as long as you possibly can. Knee high boots finish the look off perfectly.

Silk dresses

Okay, Amanda Stanton (of the Bachelor) is goals. But besides that, so is owning a silky dress. You can wear these in so many different ways—over a t-shirt, under a leather jacket, with knee high boots, and so many more.

Elbow patches

Elbow patches add a little something to your outfit that you won’t expect. They can be suede, leather, or simply cotton—any way, they scream fall. Pick up a jacket, t-shirt, or even a dress with elbow patches to switch it up a bit.