rainbow hair stenciling

If you need a way to shake things up for that wild party or festival, hair stenciling might be your answer. It’s a fun, temporary look. You just use a temporary spray hair dye or hair chalk, and apply using a stencil over hair that’s been sprayed in place.

We’ve covered stenciled hair before, but rainbow hair stenciling takes the look to a whole new level. It makes use of bold neon and rainbow hues, as the name suggests. So if you want a bold look, below are some rainbow hair stencil ideas to get you started.

Polka dots on bright base: One of the wildest looks is to have the hair a bright color like pastel pink or orange, whether temporary or in a semi-permanent color. Then bold polka dots in all the colors of the rainbow get sprayed in over that.

Neon in dark hair: Another look is to go for one bold neon shade and stagger it throughout dark hair. It’s a stunning accent that doesn’t go just too wild.

Rainbow on black hair: A great way to make rainbow stenciling pop is to put the rainbow shades over black hair. Those rainbow hues are added in staggered chunks.

Neon lines: One popular look is stray lines of shifting rainbow hues. So certain parts of the hair will have pink lines leading into orange, which leads into white.

Bright rainbow layers: A fun look is to spray different parts of the hair at random, almost in a tie-dye pattern. It’s a great look for festivals!

Rainbow geometry: Another look is to put abstract geometric patterns in your hair by spraying over a shaped stencil.

Rainbow flowers: Flower patterns are a huge hit for stenciled hair. As one option, spray a pattern in a color like a bold purple right up front over some bangs.

Peacock stencil: Peacock designs are always fun and sassy. A single peacock feather design sprayed in at the top of the hair is a cool look.

Rainbow polka dot ponytail: Another popular look is sprayed polka dots over naturally colored hair. It especially pops against brunette shades. Polka dots spray well over the hair leading into a low ponytail.

Flowers in long hair: If you want a super romantic look, try spraying some bright flowers right into the hair-sprayed lengths of long hair. It’s one way to wear some flowers in your hair.