What is CC cream
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You will not surprise anyone with your BB cream anymore; that is for sure. But, we have a new cream for you to try: CC cream. You are reading this correctly. We feel like in a blink of an eye that makeup developers will go through the whole alphabet. But, what is CC cream and how do you use it?

What is CC cream?

Like BB cream, CC cream came from Asia, and it flooded the markets very fast. People started getting them, not really knowing what is CC cream. Maybe that is because their expectations were not well defined and we have heard that many people could not really understand the product.

CC cream is a multitasking product that will correct almost any flaw that you have on your skin. CC stands for “color correction” so it does exactly that. It corrects all of the blemishes and discolorations that you might have on your skin.

What is in it?

CC cream contains a brightening primer, a light foundation, a moisturizer, and contains SPF-protection. Wait, there is more! It also contains anti-ageing ingredients and some even have collagen ingredients to help boost the skin. This is a truly universal product but the question is – does it do everything it claims to do?

What does it do?

An amazing thing about CC cream is that it combines all those ingredients and it battles issues that we have. It is very light and easy to work with, but it provides a lot of coverage and evens out skin tone. The coverage it gives is very full and intense, but doesn’t leave a heavy feeling on the skin. CC creams feel very light to the touch. It is perfect for skin that has hyperpigmentation and needs to be evened out.

CC cream battles acne, thanks to its moisturizing properties and it protects skin from the sunrays, thanks to the SPF. And we should always remember to protect the skin and eyes from the sun, even when it is cloudy outside or during the winter season.

CC creams tend to have more targeted anti-ageing properties. But you should read the packaging to learn the specifics of what they fight against.

The bottom line is the product is amazing! And based on reviews, it really does work. It is a perfect product for everyday use; for the days when you do not need anything intricate and when you do not spend much time applying foundation. You can simply apply this product with your fingers and you are ready to go. Now that we know what is CC cream, we will list our favorites.

The best CC creams to try: