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If there is one question that you ask yourself whenever Halloween is near, it is this: “What should I be for Halloween?” It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, you will always like to change up your costume every year. You don’t want to be labeled as that person who wears the same costume every year, right?

You have different choices when it comes to the costumes that you should wear. You may choose to have a hilarious costume that will make a lot of people laugh. You can also go for an extremely scary costume that other people will probably not appreciate, but will be well-received by horror enthusiasts. You may also choose to wear a sexy Halloween costume. It will depend on what you think will look amazing.

Tips to remember about What should I be for Halloween:

What are you interested in?

Do you like reading comic books? You may want to dress as one of the characters in your favorite book. If you love watching movies, you may also come as a character in a movie that you know everyone will be familiar with.

What looks good on you?

You still want to find a costume that will flatter your appearance, or at least will make you look as realistic as possible. For example, if you know that you will not be comfortable wearing a costume that is too sexy, then do not push through with it, even if your friends will be wearing sexy costumes.

Couples Costumes

Decide if you are going to have a costume that you will pair with your partner. For example, you can come as dumb and dumber with your best friend. You can also be a mouse while your friend is the cheese. It will depend on how creative you are, and how many people you would be coordinating your costumes with. It may be harder if you need to coordinate with the whole family, but if you can dress as the Addams Family, then why not?

Here are some suggestions to help you answer the question, “What should I be for Halloween?” 

  1. You can look at some historical figures. What makes historical figures easy to remember is their iconic overall “look.” For example, when you decide to become Cleopatra, you know that you cannot become Cleopatra without the winged eyeliner, and of course, the headdress.
  2. You can impersonate a well-known celebrity. You know that there are different celebrities that have worn outfits that will easily be remembered. If celebrities impersonate other celebrities, there is no reason why you cannot do it, right?
  3. Go for something that is considered usual but with a twist. You may want to wear a witch costume, but this time change the color of your dress from the typical black or white to red or pink. It will make your costume unique.

What should I be for Halloween? Now, you can answer that question easily.