galaxy hair

What the heck is galaxy hair?

You may have seen the hottest hair trend on Pinterest: galaxy hair. If you know it, you’ve probably been awed by it. If not, you’ll want to follow this trend. Galaxy hair is where people look at photos of colorful outer space shots, like you’d see from the Hubble Telescope, and use them to inspire a rainbow hairstyle. Other options are also photos of stunning sunsets or the Northern Lights. It all sounds goofy, but the results are wonderful. From blue and violet galaxy hair to the radiant shades of purple, red and orange sunset hair, it looks amazing.

To get this look, it’ll be like any other fashion color. You’ll need to bleach your hair to get it the lightest shade possible, if necessary, so the dye shows well. From there you apply fashion colors like Manic Panic, Directions or Special Effects, to name a few brands.

You’ll also basically pick shades off the celestial photo you’ve chosen, and incorporate them into your hair based on the photo. For instance, a telescope photo that has a blue background with spots of red might inspire deep midnight blue hair with wispy highlights of bright red. From there you’ll have tons of ideas to follow. Below are just a few for some inspiration.

Rainbow galaxy: Finding those gorgeous rainbow telescope shots from deep space is a great place to start. The more color, the better. Then think about how those colors could be transferred to hair. For instance, if the photo has tons of blue near the top with indigo purple intermixed and shots of bright purple and red, then you might think about having midnight blue near the top of your head, and highlights of brighter indigo, purple and red farther down. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Brilliant sunset: Think of the most gorgeous sunset you’ve ever seen. What most of these have going for them is the interplay of contrasting colors, usually orange leading into red, which leads into purple and then deep blue. A gorgeous option would be to take that pattern and apply it to hair, leading it down. Start blue, then shift to purple, then red and then have orange at the ends.

Northern Lights hair: Feel free to get inspired by cool greens and blues of the Northern Lights. Bright blue with waves of bright green mixed in is a very popular galaxy hair look.

Northern Lights ombre: A popular option with galaxy hair is to apply it as an ombre at the bottom of natural hair. It’s a different way to wear the statement look, a statement statement.

Starry nights: Gorgeous shots of starry nights with backgrounds of midnight blue and indigo are a great inspiration point. Blue and purple look great in interplaying waves and are a hallmark of the galaxy hair look.