what to wear to a winter wedding

The winter season is normally not an ideal time for a wedding due to the extreme cold or snow unless it falls on a holiday or on Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless, the decision on what to wear to a winter wedding, or not to wear, can get as equally challenging for those same reasons. There are ladies who lean towards the cooler temperatures over a hot summer wedding.

The decision of dress depends on the location, time, and style. This article will give some accommodating tips on what to wear to a winter wedding.


First and foremost, know the wedding style. Does the occasion require formal wear or more casual? If it is a black tie wedding, ladies are usually required to put on floor-length evening outfits as a general rule. In any case, this is not a rule of thumb. Formal dresses, however, are a conspicuous necessity, be that as it may, the length can fall anyplace beneath the knee.

For semi-formal or casual occasions, the rules are all the more agreeable. Given that you do not wear white, or your dress is not too short that it steals attention from the lady of the hour, basically any dress is acceptable. Pantsuits that are pearl shaped coupled with a covered toe shoe pumps are likewise allowed. Knowing the style of the wedding is essential for knowing what to wear to a winter wedding.

Place of Ceremony

Knowing where the wedding will be is the next point of consideration. If it is a church wedding, it should be conservative attire. Be sure to cover up while in the congregation, giving respect for the wedding party, church attendees, and the family of the couple. For weddings taking place outside the church, these stringent rules are a bit relaxed.

There are some couples that plan outdoor weddings in the winter. The crystalline perspective of winter is seen by some as an ideal setting for a wedding. Along these lines, guests can be expected to wear leggings or tights so as not to get cold. A floor-length gown is another option to go with. Heavier apparel such as brocade or silk satin is advisable. Without saying, stay away from anything sleeveless or strapless. Truth be told, even a little top sleeve can keep you more warm than having no sleeves whatsoever. Three-fourth sleeves as well as long sleeves are an obvious option.

Choice of what shoes to wear is important as well. The best choice is to go with shoes that have a broad heel. Wearing stilettos can put you at risk of sinking into the ground if it is soft. Moreover, cover your feet! They will get frozen if left exposed. Your choice of color should be more of deep jewel tones. Leave out the pale colors as they are best suited for the summer months. You can adorn yourself with gloves or even a cashmere winter cap!

There are so many style options for what to wear to a winter wedding. Great fashion does not have to be limited due to the cold and snow. It can be a beautiful and welcome change from the standard cushioned summer wedding outfit to the more complex style of winter.