why is makeup so expensive
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In every woman’s bag, you will find almost everything from foundation, mascara, blush, eye shadows, eyeliner, and other makeup accessories from reputable brands. There is no doubt that every woman is fascinated by nothing but the best makeup products. But why is makeup so expensive?

Estimating the money spent on prestige makeup brands may call for a minute of sober reflection. But then, we seem to always justify our reasons for spending so much money on these luxury makeup brands, such as “it contains a better ingredient; they work better, and so on.” But do they, actually? And let’s not forget that there are quite a few cheap but awesome brands out there. However, a makeup product with an appeal of luxury is a desire of most ladies and yes, its expensive price tag would be disregarded at the moment of purchase.

Once again let’s ask ourselves; if a makeup is expensive does it mean it’s the best? “Price does not really correlate to quality when it comes to cosmetic products” explains Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist and co-founder of “The Beauty Brains”. Many of us know this already, but we choose not to acknowledge the fact that as far as beauty is concerned, a price has virtually no correlation to the quality of the product. It will be wise of anyone not to take all reviews in blog post or magazine seriously because they are mostly paid to write nice things about different products.

Most ladies think that the ingredients in makeup products account for its high prices, but the good news is that makeup ingredients account for not more than 15% of the total cost of makeup, according to Randy Schueller.  So, what are we actually paying for, right? Ok, let’s take a minute and think about the rigorous marketing and advertising, the brand prestige, and research and patents. Yes, all these are included in the cost, which is part of the reason behind why is makeup so expensive.

There are well over millions of lipsticks, mascaras, and eye-shadows from different brands out there. Each brand wants you to patronize theirs and want you to believe their makeup products are the best. They give each product a befitting look depending on their financial buoyancy and target market. The luxury packaging of most prestigious makeup brands is undoubtedly a major factor that has led to an exponential demand for makeup by consumers at ever-increasing rate globally.

There is a correlation between makeup packaging and where it is eventually sold. This reason is why you do not find certain makeup brands flooded the market like some others unless you go to certain high-end retail stores. In these stores, you will find prestige makeup products exquisitely displayed and often available with tester items or samples. Also, you mostly find sales agents who aid in the sales of these prestige products. Otherwise, when you walk into a drugstore where you purchase other makeup brands, it is a different case. Mostly, you find these products displayed on the shelves and waiting for you to just pick them up. The obvious difference in product location and services is also what consumers pay for because the costs are already calculated in their price tags.

The final factor behind why is makeup so expensive is due to the demand for prestige as brands continues to soar, and sales keep rising. According to a recent analysis by Euromonitor, consumers are buying more expensive makeup products. It is not a question of what ingredient they are made of anymore.

So, what should a consumer do? Firstly, it’s best you know that “good makeup” is a good makeup regardless of the price tag. Just know exactly what you are looking for, as long as its application is flawless, but never assume that expensive means a better product. Makeup prices simply reflect what the consumer is willing to pay for it.