Adenorah is the quintessential French woman. Her Instagram feed is graced with pictures of fluffy white cats, berets, statement glasses, and glasses of French wine. She’s effortlessly chic, and has an eye for art and beauty. So what makes this French woman our idol? Once we get over her adorable old fashioned jeans, ruffled skirts, and tied tops, we are simply amazed at Adenorah’s perfectly tousled blonde bob, simple makeup and those cheekbones! Her makeup look wouldn’t be so plush if it weren’t for her taking care of her skin first and foremost. It’s common knowledge that French women prioritize skincare, so how does Adenorah’s skincare routine compare? You’ll find moisture, SPF, and anti-aging as key components. Here’s why you should follow this French woman’s beauty routine.

Keep it Natural

One of Adenorah’s favorite brands is Fleur de Sante. She frequently uses the anti-imperfection serum and the anti-stain serum to banish scars, spots, or other imperfections—which she’s totally confident to tell you she has! Confidence is part of being a French babe. Adenorah uses Fleur de Sante because their products are made with natural ingredients and made with only French and Swedish flowers. Her advice? Keep it regional for better results and to support local.

Day Cream is a Must

Adenorah uses Smart Clinique’s day cream for instant plumping and hydration that lasts the whole day. It protects from the sun, and she credits the cream for her disappearing spots. It’s the perfect creamy texture and works great as a base for makeup.

Night Cream? Also a Must

Moisture day and night. Adenorah sticks to Smart Clinique for her night cream too. Obsessed with the creamy texture, she lathers it on at night to wake up with a brighter complexion.

Don’t Skimp on Serum

Adenorah uses Smart Clinique’s serum too. Perhaps another hint here is to stick to the same brand of products once you find one that works great for your skin… The serum protects the skin, evens out skin tone, and prevents sagging skin. Adenorah, unlike many French women, does not smoke, and she eats a balanced diet. Even with a healthy diet though, she has always had trouble with complexion until adding a serum into her daily routine.

Go Gold

Bronzer? Nah. Gold? Oui. Adenorah uses a gold-infused formula (La Prairie Radiance) for a touch of radiance that’s perfect a night out or simply look luxurious all day long. While she’s keeping her makeup natural, she can have fun with special touches like this. This light and fluid formula creates a golden veil over the skin that she claims is like the “Golden Hour” effect at the end of the day. Be like Adenorah and add some gold into your look.

Lipstick is the Focal Point

Follow Adenorah’s look by keeping your face and eyes simple and drawing attention to the lips. Her skincare routine results in impeccable skin, so she likes to flaunt her natural look and keep things clean. That’s not to say her look isn’t bold. A bold red lipstick—her favorite—or even a matte nude can make a huge statement. Pair it with your outfit, of course.

Beauty Starts From Within

How do French women stay so thin and beautiful and eat croissants and cheese and drink wine? They don’t deprive themselves of pleasure, but they don’t overindulge either. Balance is key. Adenorah confesses that she used to swim for fifteen years, but now hardly works out at all. She doesn’t drink alcohol, but enjoys pastries, meat, and cheese. “Cheese—not bad huh?!” She starts her morning with some detox tea and a hearty bowl of fruit and oatmeal. “I try not to deprive myself because there is nothing that makes me more unhappy than not being able to eat what I want, but I stopped the excess of sugar in my tea and chocolate bars in the evening.” Find your balance and be happy—that’s where true beauty comes from.