Water is widely discussed in the beauty industry as the super reagent for beautiful skin and a healthy body. Many people still have their doubts though. Sure water helps your body to function, but is it better than your collagen shake or your kale smoothie? Will drinking a gallon of water a day really transform your skin? It most definitely will (but maybe not in the ways you’re thinking). Find out more below:

Why is drinking water important?

Water is our life force. Our bodies are made up of 80% water. It is the agent that supports digestion, circulation and toxin expulsion (through sweating and urination) along with many other important bodily functions. Water helps us feel hydrated and upbeat by increasing energy levels on a cellular level (because your cells are hydrated, they work well together to make you function better). Many people have hailed water over the years as the reason they look youthful and fresh (Gabrielle Union is almost 50. Let that sink in!). Water is so beneficial and yet so many people drink way less of it than they should.

What does water actually do for your skin?

Water supports a healthy body and many people quickly make the relationship between drinking water and having hydrated skin. But the relationship is not as simple as it seems. Drinking a gallon of water will not automatically refresh your skin and make it soft and supple. The skin relies more on topical/outer nourishment to look healthy and young but this also does not mean drinking water does not have some benefits to the skin. Here is what water actually does for your skin:

It removes dark circles under the eyes

Dark patches are a great indication of dehydration. The sensitive skin around the eyes take the biggest hits when you forget to drink enough water on a daily basis. When a gallon of water is drunk per day, the body is fully hydrated and this will show up by the lightening of your under eye bags.

Relieve dry patches

Dry skin is dictated by your genes, but this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to alleviate the painful (and frankly, unsightly) symptoms of dry patches. Many people who consumed more than a gallon of water a day have reported less flakiness and more smoothness of the skin.

Skin becomes plumper

Skin plumpness is a direct effect of blood flow and many studies have proven that drinking more water regulates blood flow which, in turn, gives skin color and makes it plump and fresh

Water is a miracle liquid and many people can attest to the fact. However, it doesn’t do much in the way of skin appearance as many people are led to believe. Water makes you healthier overall and, perhaps, this will in the long term make significant changes to the skin. Shorterm though, you should continue to drink a gallon a day for the health benefits.