winter hair

Winter is a great time to try out new hair color trends. The weather may have you feeling pent up and needing an adventure. So maybe it’s time to get adventurous with these winter hair trends. In the winter, you don’t have to worry about which color will fade less in the sun, so it’s a great time for highly pigmented, darker shades.

And depending on how you look at it, all sorts of shades work in winter, whether you’re trying to match the cool vibes of winter with an icy platinum or breathe some color into the colder months. Then there’s the fact that darker shades tend to be popular in winter across all of fashion. Below are some of the top winter hair trends to try for the winter season.

Smoky platinum

Tie your hair into the icy, snowy tones of winter by going for an ash platinum that is almost veering on white.

Subtle ombre

Winter is a great time to rock dark hair, meaning if you have naturally dark hair, a subtle shade lighter as an ombre accent is a nice touch that won’t be too bright.

Stunning ash-tone balayage

Fading dark hair down to a gradual blonde is a great way to have the popular darker tones of winter with some of the icy cooler tones of winter.

Dark wine red

Dark red is always a favorite for winter lip colors. Why not have your hair match?

Chocolate brown

A deep, rich brown is a great way to tie into the darker shades of winter, but it does so in a way that keeps the overall tones warmer, if you’re not into ash-toned hair. Subtle warm and sparse highlights can add a bit of depth, also.

Plum-colored hair

Plum lipstick is another wintertime favorite, so a nice statement color for hair is a deep reddish purple plum.

Cool blue-black

Keep it cool in the winter months with a midnight black that has blue undertones. You’ll just want to be careful, as some looks veer straight into dark blue. You’re looking for a cool, inky black.

Ash grey

Try cool, ashy tones for the muted colors of winter with an ashy grey shade. #grannyhair still has some trending power.