You may have heard of mermaid hair—fashion color hair that holds the tones of the sea. It’s marked by bright blues, sea greens and complementary purples. But if you don’t want to go that loud with it, there is mermaid hair’s more muted cousin: midnight mermaid hair.

This midnight mermaid look usually has a dark base, like a chocolate brown or blue-black. The dark portion could even have hints of violet. Then some of the shades of traditional mermaid hair are added in as more subtle, dark highlights. With this look, however, shades of bright red might be added to give the look a little more of a boost.

Due to the muted nature of the look, this is easy to achieve at home. A dark color box dye as a base, some added fashion color highlights, optional hair bleach and you’re good to go. Unless you have dark hair, in which case this is even easier. Just about any dye brand should work here. Though if you want your fashion color highlights to stick around longer, you might want to try Special Effects, which is widely regarded as the longest-lasting fashion color hair dye.

If you have dark hair, you’ll want to bleach out the section of hair you’re highlighting with a home hair bleach kit. That will help the dye show easier. Though if you’re going for an incredibly muted look, you could dry the fashion color on a dark base as a subtle color addition.

If you have lighter hair, simply protect the part of your hair you intend to dye the fashion color with foil, and then cover the rest with the dark dye. While rinsing out the dark dye, make sure you have the untouched part clipped up and away from the rest of the hair. The more you keep the two parts separated, the less you risk any color bleeding.

Beyond having a basic knowledge of how to get the look, it’s a matter of deciding how you want the midnight mermaid look to take shape.