kim kardashian vampire facial
Image: Instagram

We make a lot of sacrifices for beauty. Some involving amount of money spent, the early morning hours that make up skin routines, and even pain to an extent. This brings us to something a little different. It’s called the Vampire Facial – a skin treatment where blood is injected into your face. I know it sounds scary but bear with me.

There is no garlic, mirrors, crosses, or pale moonlight involved. This popular facial draws its name from the most prolific qualities of a vampire – blood and beauty. vampire facial has such a ring to it that a lot of attention simply comes from its name. You may have noticed popular Instagram posts with celebrity faces covered in blood and wondered – why would they do that and how it could possibly be beneficial?

The details

This is a procedure that removes blood from one part of your body (most often your arm) and relocates it to your facial problem areas. Yes, a blood injection into your face naturally sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. There is slight pain involved, but many are willing to see beyond that due to suggested pain relievers that are given afterward. You can even receive a topical anesthetic.

Let’s take a quick look at the process. First, your injection areas are made squeaky clean. Next, blood is drawn from your arm; we’re only talking about a few teaspoons. Now comes the important part that makes a vampire facial possible, the healing platelets found in your blood are separated and injected in multiple ‘blemished’ spots on your face. Since stem cells are attracted to these platelets, they are rich in healing properties and even help stimulate tissue regeneration.

Pros and Cons

The intended purpose of the vampire facial is to erase wrinkles and refresh skin. Basically, it claims to rejuvenate your skin which is a definite positive of the facial. The benefits from these injected platelets are results of the increase of certain growth factors in your skin, like collagen. In return, it transforms skin to appear firmer and more youthful. Let’s not mention the speed of the entire procedure – it can be completed in under an hour!

While there aren’t any adverse side effects other than a light pressure and swelling, there are complaints with claims of no results from it. Also, to be clear, when there are results they are not immediate. Because of the science of this treatment, it takes weeks to months to see a difference and for these platelets to stimulate skin regeneration. Now, the largest negative of the vampire facial is the price. This beauty procedure can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, and most customers have the procedure repeated multiple times.

Beauty is pain and it’s up to you to decide whether that pain is worth it. Some of us must work hard to preserve our skin with age, and if you have premature wrinkles this may be the facial for you. The vampire facial has shown to be great for dark circles around eyes, sun-damaged hair and even crow’s feet. The name is based on fiction, but the facial has real scientific backing to its results. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be a vampire for a day.