BeFunky Collage

Remember sand art? Odds are, you might have had a phase where you were completely addicted to the child’s craft project. Your room may have been spotted with warped jars full of brightly colored sand layered in neat designs. It could get addicting watching how those patterns were going to turn out based on how you added different colors. Well, some people decided to recapture that whimsy of youth by making sand art hair.

Sand art hair takes rainbow hair to a whole new level. It’s a very intermixed, highlighted look of all types of brilliant rainbow hues. Like the name suggests, it’s not unlike someone dumping brightly colored sand all over your head in cascading waves, since it’s warn most often in long hair.

With this look, unless you are one of the most uber-experienced home hair dyers on the planet, you might want to head to a salon for this one. Even if you elect to do it at home, you’ll probably need a second pair of hands. There’s just that many highlights going on here, and if you get the dyes in your strands intermixed, it’s going to look, well, weird.

If you do decide to do this look at home, it’s like other rainbow hair trends: bleach hair to a light blonde, if needed, and apply your fashion colors. Since this is such a hard design to apply, you may want to go for special effects, which is known for the most staying power out of any of the fashion color brands. Unless you just want the look for a few weeks or less, then opt for Manic Panic.

To apply the look, paint individual thin strands with as many different rainbow hues as you can muster, and be sure to wrap them up tight so the highlights turn out stark against each other. Leave on for as long as the dye directions state and later rinse well.

But before you start, there are several different ways of wearing this style, so it’s a matter of choosing from or expanding upon the popular looks below.

Basic wispy rainbow sand art hair

This look uses every rainbow hue on the rack in thin highlights to get the stunning look that is sand art hair.

Neon rainbow sand art hair

Some dye brands have particularly neon shades. Choose as many of those as you can and go to town.

Cool shade sand art hair

A common look is to go for all cool shades in deep and light blues, purples and greens.

Pastel sand art hair

Nothing wrong with going pastel. You’ll want to find specific pastel shades or get a product like Manic Panic’s pastel-izer to mix with the regular shades.