Manny MUA

It’s no secret that male beauty gurus are breaking into the previously women-dominated field of makeup artistry with flying colors, designing some of the most popular and sought after looks on their YouTube channels. Check out some of our favorites below.

Manny Mua

Manny is one of the most widely known makeup artists on Instagram. His contagious charm in his famous YouTube vlog channel has landed him his status as the first male ambassador for Maybelline, fully equipped with 3M followers on both Instagram and YouTube. He insists on his YouTube channel that “Makeup is GenderLESS and has no rules!”

Patrick Starr

Starr maintains his signature motto of, “Makeup is one-size fits all!” His tutorials showcase his talent with his creativity. His upbeat disposition has earned him 2.8M loyal subscribers who adore his tutorials.

Marc Zapanta

The male beauty vlogger’s bio on YouTube states “So what if a guy likes makeup?” Zapanta likes to post tutorials ranging anywhere from drag looks to natural makeup looks. He also has many vlogs about lifestyle, LGBT and fashion.

James Charles

At the ripe age of 17 years old, James Charles was named the first male ambassador and spokesperson for CoverGirl. Charles got his start when he chose to wear makeup for his senior yearbook photo.

Alex Faction

27-year-old Faction specializes in elaborate Halloween makeup and special effects makeup. With a variety of different channels and tutorials on YouTube, Faction is best known for his tutorials.

Will Cook

This YouTube vlogger has inspired many with his look. With his stunning yet understated makeup style, Cook has thousands of subscribers captivated with his artistry.

Angel Merino

Merino’s well-rounded career includes success on his YouTube channel, as an entrepreneur/ artist, and through his website,, offering professional online makeup classes.

Ryan Potter

Potter’s very elegant style and touch along with his bold Halloween styles have earned him over 140k followers. 17-year-old Potter is one of the youngest male makeup artists in the game.