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Half-up hairstyles are the perfect look. They give your hair a little flair, but still allow you the flowing grace of letting your hair down. And there are millions of takes on half up hairstyles, from braids to twists to hairpieces. So below are some tips for getting the best half-up do—and avoid any ugly hairstyles for your special event.

Add some curls

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

For a romantic look, pull up a basic half-up do and add curls to the length of your hair.

Try a half braid

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Image: Pinterest

One idea is to do a complete French braid at the top of your head and lead that into a loose braid at the crown of your head. Let the loose part of the braid fall down the back of your hair for an instant half-up do.

Add volume at the top

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

One of the best ways to pull off this look is to add volume. Tease hair at the top and add some hairspray for a classic, tall half-up do.

Wet hair slightly for easier styling

If you’re going for a sleeker style, on the other hand, make sure to wet hair slightly before styling to get it to sit in the style easier. That will reduce flyaways and allow for easier brushing.

Add some flowers

Some of the most attractive half up hairstyles have some small flower barrette embellishments. The look doesn’t just have to be for a music festival.

Try a half bun

One popular look is to tie a messy bun where the hair is tied in a half-up do. It’s a slightly different take on this classy, casual look.

Get a classy barrette

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

One of the easiest ways to add some extra charm to a half-up do is to put an ornate barrette over the tie.

Make it wavy

Another easy way to embellish this look is to add some slight waves to the length of your hair, instead of pure curls.

Master the tie knot

Take a strand of hair and wrap it around the hair tie and pin under the tie for a natural, elegant look.

Only pull back the top

Rather than pulling hair right above the ears back, move about three inches above that and pull your hair back only at the top. Add some volume right at the top for an extra boost.

Keep it loose

One casual way to dominate this look is to tie hair as loosely as possible. It looks even more stellar with voluminous waves.

Easy braid

Braid the length of the tied hair for an added elegance that should take less than a minute or so.

Layer some twists

Twist hair over the tie and pin several times to form crisscrossing layers.