girl in yellow coat and black floppy hat in city
Image: George Yanakiev/Stocksnap

We’d be lying if we said our number one reason for loving fall wasn’t shopping for a new season. Ask any girl if she loves fall and we guarantee she’ll mention boots, sweaters, and her favorite peacoat. While shopping for this new season is everything and more to us, it can still be a little intimidating when you don’t know what essentials to buy and what trends to try. There’s nothing worse for you (and your credit card) than going into a store without a plan of action. Follow our fall shopping list below for your complete guide to autumn wardrobe essentials.

Tops & Outerwear

  • Graphic tees: As much as we try not to buy them, graphic tees are undeniably essential. On days when you want to be comfy but still look like you’re trying, graphic tees are basically like wearing a tee you’d run or sleep in, but the graphic makes it acceptable for public. Find one that fits you comfortably and is long enough to wear over leggings, because we all have those days where we loathe pants.
  • Basic long sweater: Find a sweater in a soft or neutral color that is also long enough to wear with just leggings. This sweater will be there for you when it’s cold out and you just want to wear leggings and a blanket. This is the next best thing…that you can also get away with at work.
  • Chunky cable-knit sweater: This classic piece can be dressed up or down. Pair with skinny jeans or cigarette pants, ankle boots or Oxfords, and a crossbody bag.
  • Black turtle neck: Before you scoff at the words “turtle neck,” listen up. Turtle necks are back in style, and they’re actually not that bad. They keep your neck warm and they are incredibly sophisticated. Just remember how flawless Audrey Hepburn looked in them.
  • Moto jacket: This is basically a chic, fitted leather jacket. Find one that fits your style, whether it be black and studded or pale pink with patches of quilted leather.
  • Peacoat: The peacoat is a timeless piece that you’ll keep in your closet forever. We suggest finding one that scoops in the waist for a more feminine look.
  • Blazer: Lastly, blazers are an essential piece that can transform any outfit. Wearing a tee and jeans? Add a blazer for a more formal look, along with a statement necklace.

Pants & Jeans

  • Black skinny jeans: Black jeans are key because they will go with every basic tee, sweater, and blazer in your closet, and they make a much greater statement than regular blue jeans.
  • Boyfriend jeans: For casual weekend attire, boyfriend jeans are loose, ripped, and they are effortlessly cool.
  • Cigarette pants: Cigarette pants are another timeless piece that will come in handy when dressing up without having to wear a dress. Just like the cable-knit sweater, they can be dressed up or down.
  • Leather leggings: With a pair of leather leggings you can wear leggings just about anywhere. Leather material always amps up the glamour and style in your outfit and looks great with casual tees and sweaters.


  • Suede skirt: Suede is so in. Our favorite look is a suede button-up skirt with leggings, boots, and a jewel tone sweater.
  • Long-sleeve basic dress: Find a material you feel confident and comfortable in and buy a long-sleeve dress in that fabric. You can wear this dress to work, dinner dates, or any kind of semi-formal occasion.


  • Floppy hat: Having a bad hair day? No one would ever know with a 70s-style floppy hat. This piece pulls your whole outfit together and keeps your head warm!
  • Minimalist jewelry: It is always good to have some simple gold or silver jewelry to dress up an outfit without being overpowering. Think stackable rings, thin gold necklaces, or tiny stud earrings.
  • Statement jewelry: The best way to dress up a basic or casual outfit is with a statement necklace, thick cuff bracelet, or bold earrings.
  • Crossbody bag: This purse is small enough to go with you anywhere and is hassle-free so you can carry your latte in one hand and your phone in the other.


  • Knee-high boots: The days of boots that just cover your calves is over. Boots are going bigger and fiercer this season. Black suede, velvet, or leather knee-high boots are ruling the runways.
  • Ankle-high flat boots: On ankle boots, skip the heels this season. Little booties that go up to your ankles are much more in-style than heeled ankle boots.
  • Fashion sneakers: These are sneakers that you can’t run in, but they’re still sporty and preferably white, black, or a solid color. Fashion bloggers are pulling off these sneakers with leggings or jeans and sweaters.

There you have it! If we missed one of your favorite fall essentials, let us know what it is so you can help your fellow shoppers.