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Simply guessing the amount it costs to buy a new winter coat is enough to give anyone a headache. It’s no lie, winter clothing is expensive. But if you know where to look and if you come prepared, then it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we’ve put together a complete winter wardrobe for under $200. For the price of one bulky sweater from a high-end boutique, you can get all of these essentials instead. We’re not encouraging cheap quality, but rather wise decision making. These products feature cutting edge fashion from our favorite budget-friendly stores.

Knee-High Boots

Black H&M Knee High Boots
Image: H&M

H&M, $34.99

Boots are an essential in every wardrobe, but this winter season knee-high boots are just the way it has to be. They radiate confidence and style like nothing else. A simple black pair will go a long way and will work with just about any outfit. Don’t hesitate wearing these every day.

Pointed Zip-Up Booties

Forever 21 black pointed zip up booties
Image: Forever 21

Forever 21, $34.90

Boots are for the day-to-day, but heeled booties are necessary to get you through holiday parties. These sophisticated, pointy shoes are basic enough to go with pants, legging, dresses, or skirts. And you can even rock them at work when you want to give your boots a break.

Leather Pants

biker pants h&M
Image: H&M

H&M, $12.99

Every girl wants leather pants this season. With a cozy sweater, they add edge to a casual daytime outfit. But they’re just what you need on nights out to keep you warm, comfortable, and fashionable.

Athletic Leggings

Mesh-Paneled Athletic Leggings
Image: Forever 21

Forever 21, $19.90

The key here is to find black leggings that double as activewear. That way you can wear them with a long tee or sweater on the regular, while also using them for winter runs, yoga sessions, or at the gym.

Long-Sleeved Black Top

H&M black long-sleeved top
Image: H&M

H&M, $17.99

Everyone needs a reliable, long-sleeved black top. Whether it’s for those days when you don’t know what to wear, or for when you need something simple to go with patterned pants or a suede skirt, this top will become your favorite essential.

Textured-Weave Coat

H&M texture weave coat
Image: H&M

H&M, $29.99

We cannot believe what a bargain this coat is! Not only is it thick enough to keep you warm, but it’s feminine too so you don’t look bulky. The gold zipper and puffy shoulders add a chic flair that makes this coat our favorite item of all.

Classic Colorblock Fedora

classic colorblock fedora forever 21
Image: Forever 21

Forever 21, $14.90

If there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that winter hair can often be a hassle. We love fedoras this time of year because they are an easy and stylish way to pull an outfit together without having to blow-dry and style your hair.

Textured Knit Pom Beanie

textured knit pom beanie forever 21
Image: Forever 21

Forever 21, $8.90

For those extra cold days make sure you have a beanie to keep your head warm, and of course for style purposes. Beanies provide a laid-back, cool look that we love matching with leather leggings, tennis shoes, and a winter coat.