Eye makeup woman applying eyeshadow powder
Image: Shutterstock/AlikeYou

If you’re looking for a no fuss, natural look, the no makeup look is the way to go. While it sounds counterintuitive, this look just means that you do your makeup in such a way that it looks like you’re not wearing any makeup. In many cases, that’s the goal, right? To not look like you’re even wearing makeup, that you’re just that flawless. Below are some tips for making sure you get that natural, flawless appearance.

Start With A Fresh Base

You’ll want to start by washing your face with a basic cleanser and cloth. That will exfoliate the skin so that the makeup blends in more easily. And since the makeup will blend in better, it will look more natural.

Go Minimal With The Makeup

The good news to this no makeup look is that you can save on products and get a smooth look with minimal effort. The secret is to go with just the basics. Add some light mascara to your eyelashes, though you can even forgo the mascara if you have naturally thick, long eyelashes.

This is where BB (blemish balm) cream will become your new favorite product. It’s a product from Asia that made its way into Western markets fairly recently. BB cream is a one-step solution that is meant to replace sunblock, moisturizer, serum, primer and foundation. You just work the BB cream over your skin to even out your complexion, and you’re good to go. Use a medium coverage on casual days and cover with a light powder to set. Easy!

If you don’t want to use BB cream, you can get a natural, smooth look by using a tinted lotion as a base, a cream-based concealer on blemishes (blend well to minimize attention to those areas) and follow up with a powder that absorbs oil if you’re prone to shiny skin.

Focus On Your Natural Accents

In order to keep your appearance sharp, yet natural, play up to your natural features. For instance, keep your eyebrows well groomed by brushing them upwards and coloring them in.

Similarly, keep lips nude, but well defined. Outline them with a nude pencil and blend with a lip brush. Add some clear lip balm, and your lips will be slightly accented with a natural sheen.

Go For A Slight Blush

If you don’t want your appearance to be missing too much color, you can still add little color accents like blush. The key is to just go light with it and choose a light, rosy or peach color. Avoid cool pinks. Add a little bit of blush on your cheek bones to further accent your natural features, as in the point above. Make sure you opt for cream blushes, as they tend to blend in better for a more natural, smooth finish.

Choose Natural Eye Shadow

Go for an eye shadow with a brownish tint. It should be just slightly darker than your skin. That will give some natural color and play to your eyes’ natural shapes. The color will also add a light accent to the area, without looking unnatural. Simply, leave the wild colors for statement days. When applying the shadow to your eyelid, keep it close to the lashes and make sure the color is well blended so there are no hard edges.