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Your Quick Guide To Curling Eyelashes

Beautifully curled lashes with plenty of volume are a showstopper any day. But to get that lovely look, you’ll need to know the basics for curling eyelashes. Plus, there are some helpful tricks for getting the gorgeous, curled eyelashes of your dreams. Below is your complete guide to curling eyelashes.

Get The Best Curling Tool

The greatest way to curl lashes is, of course, to invest in a quality curler. Don’t just get any old, cheap tool. Be sure to research your tools before you buy them. A good place to start is the Allure Best of Beauty Award winners, like the Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler, which won in 2015. Also keep in mind, you aren’t limited to just the traditional metal clamp. There are a slew of mechanical and heated eyelash curlers out there.

Also be aware that these tools will wear out, and you’ll need to replace them. Particularly, if you see a line in the black rubber of certain curlers, get a new rubber tip. Not being mindful of that part of the curler could lead to cut lashes.

How To Curl Your Lashes

Once you’ve obtained just the right eyelash curler, now it’s time to get down to business. If you’ve never done it before, curling your lashes goes in three stages. First, gather your eyelashes into the curler and hold the curler at the base of your eyelashes. Clamp the tool down for three seconds, much longer and you risk crimping your eyelashes or curling them backwards into the eyelid.

Repeat the same hold in the middle of the lashes and near the tip. That will curl the lashes completely. Then apply a quality mascara to separate your lashes.

Train Your Lashes

You know when you want to get a new look for your hair and you have to train it to part a new way? It usually entails weeks of clipping your hair back a certain way so that your hair will stop parting in a particular spot. Yet once you’ve trained your hair, it just grows the way it needs to and parts where it should.

Turns out you can do the same with your eyelashes. By curling them everyday with a basic eye curler tool, your eyelashes will gradually start to curl upwards on their own. Just make sure to clamp and hold the curling tool a bit longer than you normally would to really get those lashes trained. By “a bit longer,” we’re talking about half a second, maybe a second if you have thick, stubborn lashes. It should take a few weeks to notice any differences.

Curling & Mascara

Conventional wisdom states that you should put on mascara immediately after you’re done curling. It acts as a sealer. Yet if you have very stubborn lashes, apply the mascara, make sure it dries and then curl your lashes for an easier time. The key is that the mascara must be dry so it doesn’t stick to the tool, and you should gently press the curling tool.