By: CasparGirl

Always wanted to wear a fashion hair color like pink, but you were afraid to make too drastic of a leap? Whether you’re not the type of person to draw attention to yourself, or you have to mingle in a more conservative work or family environment, the looks below allow you to wear a fashion color without being too wild about it. From dark blue-black to the most faded of pinks, the conservative fashion hair colors below will allow you to both be unique and fit in a bit.

Rose gold

If you’re looking for a classy color, you’ll want to go with the popular rose gold shade. It has tones of subtle pink and golden blonde mixed throughout, so it gives a little bit of a fashion look without going overboard. The blonde tones tie in to make the look more mainstream.

Dark denim

If your inner teen rebel still wants to dye their hair blue, this look is a nice compromise. It’s a very dark, muted blue that looks somewhat black in darker lighting.

Dusty violet

One of the best muted ways to wear fashion colors is a dusty violet that has tones of muted purple, but also the most subtle tones of gray and even dark brown in some cases. Plus, the purple is close to more plum reds that are traditional colors to dye hair.

Dark rainbow ombre

You can also go outright rainbow while keeping it subtle. One idea is to dye just the bottom of the hair in an ombre style so you can tie it back, if need be. On top of that, these rainbow tones are on the more faded, darker shades, like faded green and denim blue.

Faded rose

Another idea is to go for a faded, metallic rose that looks something like a faded red shade. You’ll get your pink hair without getting too many stares along with it.

Faded teal ombre

Teal looks stunning as a slightly faded shade. When added as ombre, it’s a bright look, but you can still tie it back if need be.

Antique rose

Antique rose is a popular fashion color. It’s got the subtlest faded pink shades, along with platinum tones.


This is another blue shade that lets you dye your hair blue without being too electric. It’s a faded blue with tones of gray mixed in for a denim hair look.

Deep plum

A plum red that veers into burgundy is a nice compromise color, too. Reds of all shades are more mainstream, but a deep burgundy is wild enough to look like a fashion color.

Pastel rainbow

Another idea is to dye your hair some pastel shades like faded orange or lilac.