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Fall is here! Time to retire your summer blush and bronzer and look for new shades for the autumn season. But, who has time to comb the aisles for the best blushes? Not you?

Well, that is OK. We did it for you!

Here are 10 great blush colors in a variety of price ranges that are perfect for the fall season.

NYX Dusty Rose: NYX is the drugstore brand that everyone is in love with these days. Their colors are striking and sexy and their price tags are amazing. Their new dusty rose blush is no exception.

ELF Tickled Pink: This pinky mauve color goes on smooth and lasts. It’s an amazing product for the price. No doubt about it. The best thing about ELF products is that you can buy what seems like a whole cartload and hardly break the bank.

Maybelline Light Mauve: Maybelline has been around for years, of course, and products like BYX and ELF are now nipping at the more established cosmetics companies’ heels. But, if you are looking for a classic, simple and easy product then look no further.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

Nars Oasis: Nars makes some of the most amazing cosmetics on the market and their blushes and eyeshadows are probably their most beloved products. This blush is everything…and more.

Urban Decay Rapture: This blush is a bit on the darker side and has a shimmer to it. You probably won’t be wearing it to work, but it is amazing for a night on the town.

Sleek Makeup Pomegranate: Inexpensive and amazing, this blush is a deep mauve like Rapture but has less shimmer. It is a bold and sexy choice that looks amazing on darker skin tones.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon

The Balm Cabana Boy: The container is almost as amazing as the blush. The fun and creative packaging is a part of what makes this brand so special. But, this buildable color blush is an amazing choice for this autumn.

Becca Nightingale Deep Mulberry: Beautiful, deep berry blushes like this look amazing on darker skin tones and ethnic skin. This product adds that pop of color that you are looking for.

Clinique Rosy Pop: Clinique never steers you wrong. Everything in their line is so lovely and good for your skin and the colors and textures always feel amazing. This little compact (with a flower design pressed into the blush—so cute) is perfect for throwing into your purse on your way out of the door and will give you a feminine light pink glow.

Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss and Blush: Double duty! This can be used as either a liquid blush or as a lip color. Sure, it is pricey but it can do just about anything!

No matter what your price range, skin tone or style, one of these blushes is sure to complete your autumn face. Pick up one (or maybe a few) and keep your face full of color even as the sunny days fade.