Summer is a great time for new nail art trends. Summertime tends to be more social, since you may be going to more festivals, trips and cookouts. That means time to show off your new nail art. Below are several nail art ideas to give your nails some fun summer flair.

Here are our favorite nail art trends for summer.

Sun accent

Paint a white basecoat on one nail, and then paint a bright yellow or orange sun. Make the rest of your nails bright orange or yellow to match the sun pattern. Nothing like the sun to celebrate the sunny days of summer.

Starfish accent

Another idea is to paint a blue basecoat on one nail, and then paint starfish over it. The starfish should be a peachy pink color, and then make the rest of your nails that peach color.


Painting one nail on each hand with a sunflower accent is a good way to celebrate this iconic image of summer.

Palm tree

Find some palm tree stencils to celebrate the summer beach culture.


Another summer favorite, watermelon nails are a fun idea. Paint the base of the nail a watermelon pink and let dry. Then add black seeds, a subtle white rind near the tip of the nail and a green tip.

Technicolor flowers

Another fun look for summer is to paint a black basecoat, and let it dry. Then paint on bright flowers in different neon shades for the colorful, lively days of summer.

Beach theme

Get creative by adding some sunglasses-shaped nail bling, painting on some flip-flops and adding a few palm trees to other nails.

Tie die

Get into the bright colors of summer by dotting on different colors of nail polish in a dye swirl pattern.


Paint a pineapple on each nail. A fun design is a light orange oval with white polka dots for the base of the pineapple and some green leafs coming off the top.

Pink lemonade

Paint on a pink background with a sliced lemon design over the dried basecoat. Getting thirsty yet?

Popsicle accent

Add one accent nail with a fun painted popsicle design.

Daisies and glitter

Paint some daisies on one nail, or get a nail stencil, and make the other nails glittery yellow.


Nothing says classic summer like those pink lawn flamingos. Paint the colorful bird on one finger, and make the rest of your nails pink.

Flower base

Flower nail art

Paint a bright pink basecoat. Then have some painted daisies at the base of each nail.


Dive further into the ocean theme by painting on crabs, anchors and boat steering wheels on a sea blue basecoat.