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The 4th of July is the perfect time to really show your art skills on your nails. There are so many different combinations of the colors red, white and blue—these are just a few of our favorite patriotic nail art ideas for July 4th. Let these gorgeous patriotic nail art designs inspire you to create your own nail design—or copy these!

Here are our favorite patriotic nail art ideas for July 4th.

White base with fireworks

white base with fireworks
Image: Pinterest

With a base of white, your nails will be super bright and festive. Use a small nail tool to create the streaks starting at the tip of your nail.

Red with blue

red with one blue nail
Image: Pinterest

One of the more simple designs. Paint all of your nails red (except the ring finger) and then paint the ring finger navy blue. Either use a stencil or free hand to create the star!

French and flag

french with flag
Image: Pinterest

A french manicure looks good on everyone. Adding the pop of our American flag makes this look appropriate for the holiday!

Toes too!

toes too
Image: Pinterest

Don’t forget about your toes! Make them look like a real American flag like this, or switch up the big toe to stripes instead of stars.


firework nails
Image: Pinterest

Fireworks are obviously the best part about the 4th of July. Create these with a toothpick or a small nail tool to wow everyone.

Add some glitter

glitter 4th nails
Image: Pinterest

Glitter goes well with everything. Add as little or as much as you’d like!

Fade it out

fade nails
Image: Pinterest

You don’t have to stick with glitter for this one. Fading any color or glitter out from the tip makes your nails look longer, and cute, obviously.

Just paint the tips

only tips nails
Image: Pinterest

A twist on the classic french—add a flag.

Get creative!

get creative nails
Image: Pinterest

Get creative with the designs! You don’t always have to create a flag or fireworks. Just using the red, white and blue colors will get the point across that you’re feeling patriotic.

Mostly blue

use more blue nails
Image: Pinterest

Instead of the usual red, use mostly blue. This will contrast well against a red or white dress.

Everything at once

try it all at once
Image: Pinterest

Try everything. Paint each nail with a different design for a crazy cute look.

Simple and solid

simple solid nails
Image: Pinterest

Just want to keep it simple? Red, white and blue with a pop of silver will never look bad on the 4th.

Polka dots

polka dot nails
Image: Pinterest

Polka dots will amp up the cuteness. Added bonus: glitter!


nautical nails
Image: Pinterest

The nautical theme goes extremely well with the 4th. Those white and blue stripes along with red scream patriotic.

Tie dye

tie dye nails
Image: Pinterest

Use a toothpick to drag through wet layers of red, white and blue to create this fun tie dye look.