korean minimalist nails metallic ombre lips spotlight eye shadow

Need a new look for the weekend? This week we’re looking at metallic ombre lips, spotlight eye shadow, a DIY pearl hairpin, a flipped braid bun and Korean minimalist nails.

Metallic Ombre Lips

One of the hottest looks for lips right now is an ombre pattern. Whenever you search for lip trends, they’re usually right at the top. This look makes use of the trendy shimmery metallic look and combines it with ombre.

For this look, a darker lip color is applied to the lips like normal. Then on top of that, a shimmery metallic hue is added to the center of the lips and blended outward slightly. The easiest way to achieve this look is to apply a bold metallic pigment powder where you want the shine.

Spotlight Eye Shadow

Spotlight eye shadow is a fun, trendy style to try. True to its name, it’s a way of applying eye shadow so that there is a bright shimmery tone in the center of the eyelid, both on the eyelid itself and a little below the eye.

A darker eye shadow is applied to the inner and outer corners of the eyelid. You can apply a little under the eye, but this is optional. Then a lighter shade is used in the middle of the eyelid and, optionally, under the eye. Then the two colors are blended together slightly. This looks stunning with a dark blue on the edges and a gold in the center.

DIY Pearl Hairpin

This DIY hairpin requires just the hairpin itself, some smaller pearl beads and an easily pliable metal wire. You start by wrapping the wire around the rounded end of the hairpin on the top side. Then thread the wire through a bead, and wrap the wire around the hairpin again. Continue this until you have a line of beads attached to the top portion of the hairpin. Then wrap the wire around the top end of the hairpin a few times to secure it. Instant pearl accents for your hair!

Flipped Braid Bun

Want an easy way to do a tight bun? Tie a low ponytail, and then flip it over itself so you’re left with a twisted ponytail. Braid the length of the ponytail. Flip that over the hair tie, and then pin the hair in place so it looks like a neat, knotted bun.

Korean Minimalist Nails

Love Korean nail art? Then you’ll adore this minimalist trend. The look starts with a high-gloss nude nail in a flesh tone. The nude base should then be covered in a high-gloss clear topcoat to help it catch the light even more, and lend a deeper dimension to the look. Then, a thin strip of a silver nail sticker, like tinsel, is placed straight down the middle of the nail for a little accent.