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In the 80s era various hairstyles were accepted and highly popular. There are a lot of clothes that people wore then that people probably wouldn’t wear nowadays. One of the craziest trends during that time was the 80s hairstyles. Whether you want to look back and see the hairstyles that you used to wear, or you are just plain curious, get to know the hairstyles that used to be popular.

The Whale Spout

This is one of the 80s hairstyles that were very popular at that time. It involves tying the upper portion of your head with a scrunchie so that the hair strands will seem to sprout out from the scrunchie. This was worn with bangs or without, and of course, it was so cool.

Poofy Half-Up Hairstyle

There were a lot of cheerleaders who wanted to veer away from the usual ponytail, so this was the perfect hairstyle for them at that time. While this is also perfect to be worn on the dance floor, other sporty women also wore this hairstyle when they wanted to look nicer than usual. This is somewhat similar to the typical half-up hairstyle, but the front portion near the forehead is puffed up about an inch upwards.

Side High Tail

Who doesn’t recognize this hairstyle? It is quite a surprise that it is making a comeback again now, probably because a lot of girls feel that this is extremely flattering to a certain age group. Perhaps tweens can still wear this hairstyle. If you are not familiar with this, you need to place your hair on one side of your head, but remember, the higher the better.

Farrah Fawcett Hair

Farrah Fawcett was the ‘it’ girl of the 80s. It is only natural that one of the most popular 80s hairstyles is the her hairstyle. She had shoulder length feathered wisps of hair, and people tried to imitate this look a lot. You never know, this hairstyle might make a comeback after some time. This is already an iconic hairstyle that will always be branded as part of the 80s.

Pulled Back with Barrettes

Barrettes were highly popular back in the 80s. In fact, there were different types available, depending on the style that would be picked. It was super popular to place 2 barrettes on each side of the head. The most popular type of barrette that was available back then was the ribbon barrette with ribbons falling down on the sides of the head.

Teased Hair

Big hair was very popular back in the 80s. Women with curly hair were considered to be blessed because they do not have to do much. Those who are born with limp or straight hair would need to make a bit more effort into teasing their hair. Remember one rule of all the 80s hairstyles: bigger is always better.

Can you still think of other 80s hairstyles that used to be popular before? Feel free to share your comments below!