Aquarius Man

The Aquarius is well known as a patient sign. He can handle most of his daily problems (big or small) because he is mentally active. However, there is an astrological myth that an Aquarius man is not really physically strong. Some medical issues associated with the Aquarius are circulatory disease, hardening of the arteries, low blood pressure, anemia, and sometimes liver problems. These kinds of medical problems can be caused by daily consumption of the wrong foods.

The Aquarius man needs to create a diet plan around the right foods to eat, and the right foods to avoid. This knowledge will aid him in staying healthy, and will prevent some of the unwanted medical problems stated above. A balanced meal and proper exercise will reduce the probability of physical problems that are common to this sign. Below are several foods to eat and avoid for the Aquarius man.

The Aquarius needs seafood and fish

Seafood like crab, shrimp, octopus, and squid posses a good quantity of protein. An Aquarius needs to limit their consumption of red meats. The oil that comes from seafood can be a good supply of sodium chloride, as you find in common table salt. Eating seafood can maintain the exact amount of salt that the cells need in the body. Lobster is also high protein, and any kind of ocean fish can be added to the food list.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are recommended

Vegetables like cabbage, celery, lettuce, corn, spinach are basically the best food that the Aquarius man can eat every day. Eating salad with these kinds of ingredients is the best addition to a diet plan for the Aquarius. High fiber dishes can help him keep the circulatory system, blood levels, and liver in good condition as well.

Whole grain breads are the best

Rice should be off the list, but whole grain breads can be good complements. Processed foods are fattening, and the Aquarius man has to cut down on this kind of food in his quest for better health. Any kind of fried meal, cake, and gluten-based bread are not so good for the Aquarius because these foods can contribute to weight gain in his lifetime.

Caffeine is not good for the Aquarius

Limiting the consumption of caffeine-based products is a must. Coffee, for example, can increase the blood pressure of the Aquarius man. Try to cut down the coffee, or even caffeinated tea, to avoid tremors. Caffeine can cause an Aquarius to become nervous, even though it can help him to stay awake.

Watching his daily consumption of food will help the Aquarius to stay in good shape and in good health. However, the information written in this article does not supersede any advice or recommendation that you will receive from a medical expert. Always go in for a yearly check-up by a licensed physician.