Aquarius woman

There are a bunch of informative articles you might find on the internet about makeup looks and hairdos for the Aquarius woman. However, for some reason, these women are almost always recognized by having a cute and wild choice of style. She will put together all of the makeup pallets, outfits, and several things she likes into one style. Sometimes, she can arrange these elements into the perfect look for a season or even a monochromatic look.

An Aquarius is well known for having a high level of fashion sense. She will wear clothes that represent her personality, so that people around her will take notice that there is an Aquarius woman nearby. For those who have known a number of Aquarius women, you will be familiar with some of the following styles, and you may find them right in your closet.

Colorful makeup

The Aquarius woman will be stunning when wearing colorful eye makeup. As a joyful zodiac sign, an Aquarius likes to experiment with unusual makeup colors when she goes out, or when she is invited to a party by her friends. She likes to appear in different and unique styles, and to become a trendsetter for the people around her. Playing with cyan, light blue, and pink eye shadow or eyebrows will not be wrong for her.

Piercing and bright colors

Shocking pink or light blue accessories are often avoided, especially for the girl with dark skin tones. Yet, for the Aquarius woman, wearing bright or even dark colors is not a problem. She will buy anything with these kinds of colors, even if she received some complaints about the piercing color of her bag, her outwear, or even hair color.

Aquarius women like eye-catching accessories

Some people usually don’t like too many accessories in their appearance or look, but the Aquarius woman is different. She will hunt and buy a lot of eye-catching accessories, like a thin gold chain necklace, delicate bangles, or a cocktail ring. She has unique personal tastes, even though sometimes others may think it’s weird. Hippie and unique jewelry are the best for the Aquarius woman, so that she can show (through her fashion) that she is different.

High heeled shoes are not so good

Aquarius women don’t really like high heels. She prefers to sport any kind of footwear, but not heels. With the joyful side of this sign, these women hate formality. According to several fashion resources, formality will give her the heebie-jeebies. The Aquarius woman likes casual footwear that includes sport shoes, sneakers, and flip flops.

Do the explanations above sound like your friend? Or, are you the one who is the Aquarian woman? Do any of these fashion styles definitely suit you? You may check the back of your closet to make sure that you are an Aquarius!