Aubergine Hair

Just when you think you’ve seen all the hair colors in the world, there’s always some exciting hair color to try. One of the hottest trends is aubergine hair. Aubergine hair is a striking eggplant hue, placing it in the realm of deep purple hair. But where aubergine hair is different is that it’s not quite in the fashion color realm of straight dark purple. It can have tones of brunette in it, veering into a more naturalistic shade.aubergine hair is honestly somewhere between purple, dark red and brunette.

Because it is such a dark, cool shade, it’s recommended that this shade go on people with cool skin tones with cool or neutral eye colors for the most complimentary look. If you have a cool skin tone, that means you have red, pink or bluish undertones to your skin. Your veins will look bluish, rather than green. Cool or neutral eyes include blue, hazel or gray. This color can go on anyone who wants it, but it will look more like a contrasting statement trend on warmer-toned people.

For the most nuanced shade that has tons of brunette worked in, you’ll probably want to head to a salon. But you can also try dyes that fit this shade, or an approximation of it, if you need to do this at home. Crazy Color semi-permanent dye has a deep purple aubergine shade, for instance. Otherwise, any box dye with a dark purple/eggplant hue with do.

Like any shade, aubergine hair does have some variations, as well. So if you’re looking for some pure hair inspiration, below are several ways to wear aubergine hair.


Classic aubergine ( This is the classic shade that best embodies the standard trend. It has strong, dark wine tones with hints of dark brunette.


Dark eggplant shade with dark red highlights ( This style has deep eggplant tones at the top of the hair, and then has a balayage pattern of dark red highlights added into the bottom half of the hair.




Dark brunette eggplant ( This look veers into a very naturalistic dark auburn look, but has strong eggplant tones, as well. It’s what you want to aim for if you’re going for a look that’s not too much of a fashion color.


Aubergine highlights ( Another stunning look is to have aubergine highlights in dark brown hair. These are a lighter tone of aubergine with strong hues of red to help the highlights pop.


Wine aubergine ( This look has those eggplant hues with stronger tones of dark red/wine shades than the classic aubergine.