Brigitte Bardot 1962
Image: Wiki Commons/MGM

3 Things We’ve Learned From Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot is a former French actress, singer, and fashion model. Bardot starred in forty-seven films, performed in several musicals, and recorded more than sixty songs. Since retiring from the entertainment industry in 1973, Bardot has established herself as an animal rights activist.

Though she has had a successful career and numerous noteworthy accomplishments, perhaps we remember Bardot most for her iconic style. Bardot is a woman who turns heads everywhere she goes. From her beautiful, bouncy hair to her bold eye makeup, we owe a lot to this style icon for her contributions to the beauty industry.

Bold Eye Makeup

You can’t find Bardot without heavy eye makeup. We often think of thick eyeliner as a bit too much, especially for the weekdays. But Bardot brings the class back to dark eyeliner. She doesn’t go easy, applying it heavily to both lids and practically covering half of her top lid.

Bardot was able to pull off this bold look by not putting much makeup on the rest of her face. Balance is key. To get the 60s Bardot look for yourself, stick to a cream or peach blush and nude or pink lip color. Use a cream-textured eyeliner.

Brigitte Bardot
Image: Wiki Commons/Movie Studio

Never Skimp On Volume

For Brigitte Bardot, volume is everything. Tease, hairspray, and tease some more. Give your hair life by following Bardot’s beauty advice—go big or go home. Backwards brush the roots of your hair and use hairspray to keep it in place. You can also pick up your hair and spray dry shampoo through your locks for more volume and texture. If you have bangs be sure to tease those too.

Brigitte Bardot
Image: Wiki Commons/Michel Bernanau

Blow Outs Always Win

In the era of beachy waves and texturized curls, we can’t forget the power of a sexy blowout. Instead of using a curling iron or your favorite salt spray, try simply blow drying your hair with a round brush, really keeping the blow dryer close to the brush as you dry your hair. Essentially you’re using the blow dryer to straighten your hair with a loose curl on the end of each section. Hairspray will weigh your hair down and make it sticky. Keep your locks soft and smooth by using dry shampoo to seal your blow out instead.

With dark and bold eyeliner, neutral face makeup, mega volume, and a sexy blowout, you’ll be on your way to turning heads just like Brigitte Bardot.