Korean bb creams

The past years have shown people from all over the world that the Korean beauty products should become a staple in their makeup kits. Korean women have used BB creams for a few decades already, and this explains why they always have flawless and radiant looking skin.

What is a BB cream anyway? A BB cream is an infusion of a sunscreen and a moisturizer, with light coverage. This lessens the number of products that you have to place on your skin. It will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, and any environment harm. BB creams also have anti-aging effects that a lot of women love. The current trend for women is to always try to make themselves look younger than their actual age. If this is one of your goals too, then you may want to try finding a Korean BB cream. Finding the best Korean BB cream is a challenge because there are so many creams that had raving reviews. Here are four of the best Korean BB Cream:    

Dr. Jart + Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45

Some women use this without having to put foundation on afterwards because they feel that this BB cream already gives them enough coverage, especially during the daytime. The natural finish will make your skin look bright and radiant because it will moisturize your skin beautifully. This may be the best Korean BB cream product for you if you have dry or combination skin.

Shangpree Crystal BB Cream

Do you want to use the BB cream that a lot of celebrities use in Korea? You do not have to look any further. This is the BB cream that you are searching for. This is a BB cream that does not only leave smooth and even coverage on your skin, it can also fight acne. If you have some redness on your skin caused by acne and other skin problems, expect that this BB cream will help get rid of them for you. Expect to have a more youthful skin after using this BB cream for quite some time.

Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm Bb Cream Triple Function SPF 30

If you are a Korean drama or KPOP addict, you may be familiar with this BB cream. This is also one of the main favorites of beauty bloggers. This is probably because it does not cost as much as the other BB creams, but it provides a great coverage to make the skin look better. This will work well depending on the shade of your skin, so make sure that you try it out first before buying.

Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream

Do you find it weird that you are actually going to use snail extract on your skin? This can make you a bit squeamish if you never thought that this can be good for your skin, but studies show that snail extract is actually good for your skin. The fact that it is mixed into a BB cream is good news because this means that you can cover your skin’s blemishes, and allow them to heal, while you have this BB cream on your face.

Out of all the BB creams, which one do you consider the best Korean BB cream to try? Do not forget to consider your skin tone, your skin type, and of course, your budget. These factors will make choosing a whole lot easier.