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There are probably different reasons why you want a plumper lip. It can be because of all the shows that you have watched wherein attractive women are played by women with plump and kissable lips. It may also be the effect of Kylie Jenner, whom we have to admit has influenced a lot of women to want plumper lips. Some women get lip injections to achieve the lips that they have always wanted, but if you do not want something permanent, there are several of the best lip plumpers out there. Lip plumpers are temporary, and will provide you with more shapely and volumized lips without making you look like you are suffering from allergies.

Remember that a bad lip plumper will be uncomfortable to use. Not only will you have red and itchy lips, but it will make your lips feel like they are burning. This is not something that you want to experience, especially when you just want to look your best.

The Best Lip Plumpers

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

If you would like to get instant results, this is one of the best lip plumpers that you can get. You will feel and see that your lips will swell immediately. You might feel a mild tingling sensation on your lips when you use it, but you can reduce the feeling when you are applying this on your lips correctly. To apply, place just a little bit of the product on the middle of your bottom lip. You can start blending it outward until you cover your whole lips. You will see the results immediately.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer

This is the type of lip plumper that you can use to make your lips plumper for hours. Of course, it will not plump to the point that you will have duck lips, but the difference will be noticeable. Expect that your lips are going to tingle for about a minute, but after that, you will have fuller-looking lips.

Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment

Your lips will plump up gradually, but the best thing about this product is that the results are almost permanent. About a month after using the product, you will realize that your lips will be line free. They will be softer and plumper too, which is an added plus. The best thing is that you will not get any stinging effect when you place it on your lips.

SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System

This is the most expensive lip plumper on the list, but a lot of previous users say that using this product is all worth it. Aside from making your lips look plumper, it can also make your lips smoother because of the lip conditioner. Your lips will look fuller while pampering your lips at the same time. A lot of people who use this product are those who are undergoing lip injection treatments, so consider this fact before you choose this as your lip plumper.

There are still a lot of plumpers that you will find on the market now but with proper research, you can pick the best lip plumpers that will work for you.