Botox is an anti-aging treatment popular for taking away years off of your face. However, botox has a downside too and may go wrong for some people. For starters, you may get muscle stiffness, dizziness, and headaches from the treatment. Here are some of the major instances of botox gone wrong and how you can spot them.

Botox Basics

Woman receiving botox treatment in forehead

Botox treatment injects chemicals into the skin to signal the nerves and muscles to contract. In simple language, it freezes the muscles and relaxes wrinkles in a particular area. Many people choose to get botox to look younger and wrinkle-free.

Research shows that one in six people have complications after their botox treatment, such as bruising, botched botox, and frozen expressions. There have been many instances when people have had droopy eyelids, paralyzed eyebrows, and even frozen facial expressions post botox. If this isn’t scary enough, botox may also cause a heart attack in severe reactions.

Apart from this, failed botox treatment may need many follow-ups to correct it. In some cases, many may suffer from permanent deformities due to botox. Despite the adverse reactions, there is a large number of people who get regular botox injections.

Droopy Eyelid or Mouth

Daily update of botox gone wrong and droopy eyelid recovery

The eyelid may droop due to botox if a nerve is hit or damaged in the process. Another reason for this may be stiff forehead muscles. The heaviness from the botox may also add to the drooping. This may make one eye droop more than the other and may even affect the vision.

One influencer had a bad experience with botox as one of her eyelids started to droop after the procedure. Her other lid was compensating for the droopy one, and they both looked uneven. She would have never thought that botox would lead to such deformity. 

Now coming to the droopy mouth complication, you may end up with a paralyzed smile, or your lips may not move at all while drooping to one side. Uneven botox or a bad job has the potential of leaving the face damaged forever.

Allergic Reactions to Botox Gone Wrong

Woman who had an allergic reaction and severe lip swelling after botox

Some people may show instant reactions and allergies to botox. The botox may cause redness, tingling, and pain in the area. Other mild side effects may be swelling, bruising, pain, and infection in the area. Some may suffer from loss of speech and respiratory issues. Always get botox from a licensed specialist to ensure your safety.

Compromised Facial Expressions

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A little botox helps in erasing wrinkles. However, too much botox will freeze the facial muscles. This will result in a poker face due to the lack of movement and inability to express emotion.

Now you know how botox may go wrong. When done by a trained professional, it may work well. However, too much botox and trying to chase the unachievable youth may lead you to botched features. In the end, you need to make an informed decision that is best for you.

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