brunette rose gold hair

You may have seen the hair color that the internet is collectively losing its mind over: rose gold. But meet rose gold’s cousin: brunette rose gold. As you can imagine, this look takes the basics of rose gold and adds a brunette spin. So the hair still has tons of blondish pink tones, but they’re set into a deeper brunette base.

At its core, brunette rose gold is a balayage style. It usually starts with generous brunette roots and farther down on the strands you’ll start to see hues of pinkish blonde. Because it’s a darker style, shades of violet and caramel may be present.

If you want this look, you’ll have a couple of options. This is a more advanced style, so unless you’re a home hair dye maven, you may want to head off to the salon. Toting a picture in might help, instead of desperately trying to describe this complex look that has tones of pink, blonde and brunette, with sometimes violet mixed in.

If you’d like to try this look at home, you can achieve a version of it by using a home kit for brown to blonde ombre, like this one, which comes in different shades based on your base color. Then you can lightly paint in shades of pink near the end of your hair using a light pastel pink dye like this.

Like any style, there are tons of creative variations to brunette rose gold hair. Below are some top ideas for inspiration.

Brunette rose gold ombre:

This is the most common style that pops up for this look. It starts with very dark roots and goes into a warm medium brown several inches down. Around ear level and below it has the lightest hints of pink in chunky highlights.


Wispy highlight rose gold brunette:

This look starts with brown roots and then has wispy highlights in blonde and pink in the lengths. It’s a strong balayage look, as the highlights become more pronounced the farther down on the strands you go.


Dark rose gold brunette:

This is one of the most dark and subtle styles. There’s slight caramel highlights mixed in with dark shades of pink and violet. It all sits over a dark brunette base.


Color melt rose gold brunette:

This style has one of the strongest color melt looks. It starts with a dark base and leads into warm brown and pink highlights a few inches below the roots. The end of the hair has drastic blonde and pink hues mixed together as chunky highlights, even more noticeable than the wispy highlight look.

Deep ombre rose gold brunette:

This look keeps to a dark brown all the way to right below ear level. Then the hair turns into a blonde shade with bold pink highlights near the tips. This will probably be the easiest look to achieve at home.