Cancer woman drinking coffee on phone

There are so many websites with information about a Cancer man, but the information about the Cancer woman is somewhat hard to find. If you have some questions about the traits and characteristics of a Cancer lady, then you may find your answer here.

The sexual characteristics of a Cancer woman

A sexual act with a Cancer is very dynamic. A Cancer woman loves to change and shift her mood when making love. Having an intimate moment with her will feel very exciting because of the varied methods and styles that she will want to try. If you are a person who can keep up with her, a love session with a Cancer will be an experience that you will never forget in your life. However, if you believe that sex is only for the sake of baby-making, then you may find that her fantasy and variation in sex is a bit annoying.

Expect the unexpected

A Cancer changes their mood very easily. When dating a Cancer woman, you should expect the unexpected because she can change her mood with even the simplest trigger. You may have a plan for tonight, but when your cancer woman changes her mood, then you may need to make another plan. In addition, if you think that you have hurt her feelings, it is better to talk about it and apologize to her. A Cancer tends to hide her feelings and pretend she is okay when she is hurt. If you are not intuitive about this habit, it may lead you to neglect her, which is bad for the relationship.

A Cancer woman never cheats

When you are dating or having a relationship with a female Cancer, you should not worry about her cheating on you. Cancer ladies are known for being loyal to their love partner. She would do anything in her power to make sure that both she and her partner will live happily ever after. However, she only does this when she really loves her partner, and getting the love from a Cancer lady is a challenge that one cannot easily achieve. However, when you finally gain her love, your efforts will be worth it. She will show you how she loves you by asking about your day, and she does not want to miss any detail of your life. Hugs and kisses are also the sign that she loves you, and that she is ready to do anything to make you happy.