Cherry cola hair colors

Turns out cherry cola is more than just a just a delicious beverage. It’s also a hair color. Cherry cola hair happens to be a gorgeous shade of red that sits somewhere between a stunning dark wine shade and a dark auburn. This stunning color is a translucent, dark shade that shows radiant tones of dark red in the light. Cherry cola hair almost looks like it glows a dark red from within. Plus, it’s a perfect winter hair color, since it’s so deep and sultry. Read on to learn how to get and keep cherry cola hair.

Achieving the perfect cherry cola hair

The glory of cherry cola hair is that it takes little to no previous lightening. No harsh bleach on your strands is always a win. In fact, box dyes for this shade can be layered right on top of dark hair. And on light hair, it will just look redder, since the box dye is already a dark shade. Just make sure to do a strand test first.

If you do this look at home, you have several options. Cherry cola hair is a shade that’s easy to find in drug stores. Some examples are:

When looking for hair dye, look for terms like “dark auburn,” “burgundy” and “wine.” Depending on how the shade looks and the feel you’re going for, all sorts of dark red dye brands could work for cherry cola hair.

Taking a small vacation into red hair 

If you’re not ready to take the plunge into full-time redhead just yet, another option is to apply a semi-permanent statement red hair dye over dark hair, which will get a rich cherry cola hair shade. An underlying natural dark color creates a darker red. A popular option is Manic Panic’s Vampire Red shade, which will give a deep red over dark hair. Those with light hair will have to go for a very dark red shade.

Again, a strand test here is key to make sure the dye washes out to your satisfaction and is the right shade. Some people with more porous hair have reported permanently red-tinged strands with Vampire Red, for instance.

How to upkeep red hair

If you’ve decided you want to keep this cherry cola hair shade around, even the darkest red will need some serious upkeep. It’s one of the easiest hair colors to fade. There’s a lot out there about washing hair in cold water, never setting foot in the sun, avoiding chlorine as if it will burn your hair off, washing your hair as little as you can handle and never using heat styling tools. All of this is good advice for keeping hair red.

But if you’re spectacularly lazy, your best bet is to get shampoos and conditioners that are made to preserve red hair specifically. Brands like John Frieda Radiant Red and Davines have shampoos and conditioners that maintain red hair. Anything that advertises as color depositing is what you want, since you’ll be refreshing your color every time you wash.

Many color-depositing shampoos and/or conditioners also are for certain shades, or maintain every red hair shade. You’ll want to look for mahogany, dark red or wine shades mentioned on the bottle.

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