Clear polish is something you tend to forget about. Usually, it’s just that clear coat you put over other polish to seal in the real design. If clear polish is doing its job, you actually don’t even know it’s there. But clear polish can be so much more. It features heavily in negative space trends, and a few coats of it can give certain styles a three-dimensional look. So below are several trends that hardcore rock the clear nail polish styles.

Negative space nude nails:

A look that really is stunning under at least a couple coats of clear polish is a geometric nude nail with negative space left in the design. The clear polish itself adds sheen and dimension to this normally muted look.

Glitter ombre:

Glitter and clear polish were made for each other. And when we’re talking negative space nails to boot, it’s a stunning clear nail polish styles for sure. This look simply places a layer or two of clear gel polish over some sequin polish that’s thicker near the tips. The nail itself shows through on the bottom. The clear polish also seals in the glitter.

Iridescent pink:

A light flesh-colored pink looks stunning under a few coats of gel polish. Again, it adds a three-dimensional look and really adds some shine to that delicate pink shade.


Glitter flowers:

Here’s a cool idea: place some green glitter polish at the tips of the nails and draw flowers above that. Leave the back of the nail clear and place several coats of gel polish over the whole thing to give it shine and seal in the design.

Dewdrop nails:

A stunning idea for clear polish is to just dab drops onto a matte base color so that it looks like dewdrops. Be patient, as this look could take a while to dry. You may want a nail art dotting tool to assist you. This is one of our favorite clear nail polish styles.


Sequin accents:

This look places sequins along the edges or tips of the nails over a bright basecoat. A layer or two of clear gel topcoat seals in the sequins and flattens out the look, while adding shine.


Glitter nude:

Place a few layers of clear gel topcoat over a clear glitter polish. To make it look like the glitter is floating, add a couple layers of gel coat, let dry and then add the glitter. Add a final coat of clear polish.


Negative space tips:

A couple coats of clear topcoat look great for bright, geometric negative space designs, as it evens out the look. It looks great with brightly colored tips and negative space nail bases.


Clear polish mountain:

Definitely on the more wild side of clear nail polish styles is the clear polish mountain. Basically, you see how may layers of clear gel coat you can add. You just keep adding more layers after each gel coat layer dries. On some layers, you add some swirls of glitter or sequins to encase them into a sort of nail polish fossil state. Some looks go a good inch or more above the nail, but you can be more minimalistic about it for ease.