concealer before or after foundation
Image: Vladimir Gjorgiev

Coming to a conclusion on which comes first, the concealer before or after foundation, has been a topic of debate for quite a while. In any case, the issue still continues as before.

So which should be applied first? The concealer before or after foundation? This question does not identify with just our ordinary skincare routine alone, but to other cosmetics we use as well. It is necessary to lay down your foundation before laying down other makeup applications such as highlighting, eye works, blush, as well as contouring. This simply translates to applying your foundation before the concealer. Technically, applying the foundation first tends to cover up spots as well as blemishes on the skin. Then the concealer is used to hide the spots that could not be covered by the foundation. Whereas if the concealer is applied first, chances are that you may use more than you need – which would be a waste of product.

You should simply just apply the foundation first. So as to avoid putting on excess concealer which could look heavy and cakey on the face if not properly applied. After completion, analyze the areas that still need covering up and apply a thin layer of concealer to them.

Concealer Before or After Foundation?

Things to remember

  • Always use the foundation first with the aid of a foundation brush.
  • Take a close-up examination to conclude which areas still need additional coverage.
  • Always opt not to apply thick layers of concealer. Rather go in for a light layer by utilizing a concealer brush.

When it Works – Concealer Before Foundation

Probably you do not like putting on a lot of concealer neither do you fancy wearing a face full of foundation. You can start by applying the concealer on places that it is needed, then apply the foundation just where it is necessary. Another advantage of utilizing foundation afterwards is that it blends in lines made by the concealer or corrector.

Another component to consider while settling on utilizing a concealer before or after foundation

To avoid disasters caused by blending, always apply the concealer first but that is applicable if you are using a cream-to-powder formula.

If you need to accomplish more coverage by applying concealer, then use a blend of concealer and foundation. Apply more concealer if the need arises.

When it works – Concealer After Foundation

This technique has turned out to be the most preferred method. Nevertheless, it is advisable to stick to the method that you prefer. The first thing to do is to apply the foundation minimally so as to blend with the tone of your skin. Then apply the concealer cautiously to cover up places that require extra coverage. Making the choice of a concealer after applying foundation may be the best approach for tidying up cosmetic mistakes.

Another factor to consider

Blending concealers over foundation could be difficult. However, using light strokes and the appropriate brushes on the outer edges of the concealer can make the process simple. These are important points to think about when arriving at the decision on whether to apply concealer before or after the foundation is appropriate.

The ultimate answer to the question is, You can apply concealer before or after foundation!