Crop top outfit ideas
Image: Svitlana Sokolova

Crop tops are back in fashion once again. Today, fashion shows are incomplete without crop top outfit ideas. While it is a summer outfit, designers have made them wearable for all seasons. You do not need to wait for spring or summer to invest in them. They can be worn by combining it with other related outfits easily.

The crop top is one of the most versatile outfits that is easy to wear and comfortable. This is why popular fashion designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Alice + Olivia have included them in their recent collection of spring and summer outfits this year. You can wear them with any dress, skirt, jeans, and even with loose pajamas. The first rule of wearing them is decided by you. You can cover them with a coat or give full exposure of your skin. All options go well, as long as you are able to match it with the rest of your clothes and shoes.

Since crop tops offer versatility with different tastes and styles, you can learn about different crop top outfit ideas to try whenever you rock your next outfit.

Crop top outfit ideas

Crop top with formal attire:

Wearing a crop top with formal or long attire can be the most challenging because it may not be suited to everyone’s taste. However, it could be a perfect choice for dinner and a romantic date. Try to choose dark colors for a crop top and attire color like black for more formal look.

Crop top with the mini skirt:

The skirt is a perfect piece to wear in spring. That’s why it goes perfectly with a crop top. While the miniskirt gives enough exposure to the skin, it is a better idea to choose a crop top with a long tight sleeve. Mini skirt crop top outfit ideas will also make you feel a bit taller than your usual height.

Wear it with Midi skirts:

Midi skirts were in fashion since early 2015. So many celebrities have tried crop top with them. Rebecca Minkoff also included the trend of wearing a crop top with midi skirts in her fashion week in different styles including a long-sleeved top. To enhance the overall all look, make sure to wear height heels with them.

Cover it with the vest:

In spring when its bit cold out there, cover your crop top with a sleeveless vest. Popular celebrities like Rihanna can be seen in this outfit idea all the time. She chooses to wear a jeans vest with skinny jeans and flat shoes.

Crop top with a pencil skirt:

For office going ladies, crop top with a pencil skirt is a perfect choice. To make it look more professional, try to match the color of your pencil skirt with your crop top. Make sure to hide your belly by wearing a lengthy crop top. You can choose to wear a sleeveless top for the exposure of your skin. This is a perfect outfit to wear in summer. Play with different colors and patterns.