chrome nails

Chrome nails have blown up on Pinterest. If you haven’t seen them, they’re a look with the highest metallic sheen possible. They’re to the point where the nails look like deep pools of molten metal. Chrome nails are sure to grab everyone’s eye. And the look has high customization potential.

Getting this look is a bit complicated. For the most professional results, you’ll need some special supplies including, chrome pigment powder, UV/LED lamp, UV gel polish, and a special, no-wipe topcoat.

Watching videos of the products being applied is cool. First a basecoat is added and then a UV-cured gel coat. Then there’s a UV-cured, no-wipe topcoat layer, which the pigment powder gets worked into with a sponge applicator. As the powder is worked in with some pressure, gradually you get that liquid, molten mirroring effect. Like alchemy.

From there, you can find different colors of chrome powder, like this 12-color set. That helps to truly customize the look. There’s also rainbow holographic chrome pigment powder.

You can also find complete chrome nail kits.

Now that you know how to get the look, here is some inspiration.

Standard SilverThis is the classic molten silver chrome nail.

Bright Blue and GreenThis is a popular radiant blue-green look that reflects both colors in the light.

Blazing BronzeAnother popular shade to use is a bright bronze that catches the light like crazy.

Bronze with GlitterCombining bronze chrome nails with glitter accent nails gives the look extra style. Sometimes nude accent nails are incorporated to create a sense of balance.

Metallic PinkA shimmery pink creates a look of innocence and high style.

Multicolored ChromeThis chrome look has all the colors of the rainbow reflected in the light.

Pale ChromeAnother look to try is a pale, shimmery chrome that has pink tones and a slightly silver base.

Dark and RadiantThis look is really multidimensional. In the light it shines deep rainbow hues, but when the light isn’t shining it rests at this deep, primordial black.

GoldenAnother very popular color is classic gold. But rather than looking glittery, it’s a depthless shimmery hue that highly reflects light. It’s a great look if you love to wear gold jewelry to match.

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