peacock hair

Everything you need to know about the peacock hair trend

Saying the phrase “peacock hair” may conjure up wild looks, like hair standing on end in a fanning peacock pattern. But peacock hair is merely a way of dying hair using fashion colors. As the name suggests, it takes the color inspiration from peacock feathers, which means the look is most often hallmarked by iridescent greens, deep purples and bright blues. It’s usually applied in a chunky, yet highlighted, pattern.

This fashion hair color trend is applied like any other rainbow look. You’ll bleach your hair to get it as light as possible, if needed, or fashion colors will not show up in their purest shade. From there you apply the dye using brands like Manic Panic, Special Effects or Directions as per the instructions on the package. This look is applied frequently in subtle highlights, so be careful to keep the hair you don’t want dyed separated and tied away.

As straightforward as that sounds, peacock hair can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be as subtle or as loud as you want. Below are just several of the ways to wear this trend for some starting inspiration.

Deep peacock hair: This look applies the shades all throughout the hair in chunks of highlights. It’s an attractive look when you don’t have to worry about certain situations preventing rainbow hair.

Dark peacock hair: This is a look where the darkest, most subtle shades are added to hair. It manifests as dark purple, the darkest midnight blue and deep, muted green. It’s a gorgeous look if you don’t want your hair to look too wild.

Subtle ombre: Another option is to have darker toned highlights farther down the strand for another look that doesn’t yell too loudly.

Bright ombre: You could also take it the other direction and have the brightest shades of green, blue and purple farther down the strand for a simultaneously bold and more subtle look.

Peacock underlights: Want this look, but have a conservative office environment to deal with? Add peacock tones to an underlayer of your hair. That way, if you wear all your hair down it’s hidden, and if you wear it half up, your highlights will be there for all the world to see.

Peacock ombre: Another option is the go a high-contrast triple ombre look. Dye the top third of the hair a deep purple, the middle a deep blue and the bottom a dark green. Feel free to go lighter on the shades, of course.