undercut hair tattoos
Image: Mimi Chatter

Everything you need to know about undercut hair tattoos

The undercut hair tattoo trend may seem a bit intimidating. You figure you probably don’t want a tattoo in your hairline. Rest assured, it’s a perfectly temporary hair design. It’s simply a way of shaving the back of your head to reveal attractive designs. It can even be hidden by longer hair so you don’t have to be sporting a statement trend all the time. Below is your guide to undercut hair tattoos.

How to get undercut hair tattoos

This look isn’t exactly in the DIY realm. It requires shaving and styling the back base area of the hair, so if you try it yourself, you’re guaranteed to end up with a lopsided mess. You’ll either need a hairstylist or a very artsy friend.

For this look, the rest of the hair is left alone. You’ll tie your hair up into a ponytail, keeping all hair secured up and safe. Then the bottom of the hair, leading up to about the point at which you can feel the little nub where the base of the skull begins, is shaved short into a buzzcut. From there, parts of the hair are shaved completely off in a stunning geometric pattern.

The great part of this look is its sheer versatility. If you want the design to show, simply pull your hair up and away from the design in a bun or high ponytail. Wear hair down to look completely normal. And because the cut is so sort, if you want a new design, it should grow back pretty quickly.

Other ways to pull off tattoo hair

If you can swing it, there are certainly other more wild ways to do this look. Below are some other ideas for applying hair tattoos.

  • With fashion colors: This look is really cool with some punk fashion colors like purple/wine, bright red, pastel shades or rainbow hair.
  • On the side of the head: If you don’t mind showing your new cut all the time, a popular option is to have a hair tattoo on one side of your head, leaving the rest long (ideally with a wild hair color). This look works if you don’t have to worry about conservative family members or offices. Shaving one side of the head with longer hair on the other side is hot right now, and this is a nice embellishment. It leads to an awesome cyberpunk look.
  • With cornrows and/or dreads: Since this is an alternative look, consider adding some dreads. It looks hardcore when one side of the head has a hair tattoo and the other has dreads.
  • A small embellishment: One look is a partial shave with a hair tattoo right in front of the ear.
  • Shaved with a pixie cut on top: One trend is for girls to rock traditionally boy styles, like shaved on the bottom part of the hair and partially long on the top. These styles work great for adding a hair tattoo.