eyebrow shape ideas
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We all need eyebrow shape ideas, because, as the popular proverb goes, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” Its meaning can literally be true too! You have to always keep your eyes beautiful, clean, and safe. We must do everything possible to keep those eyes intact.

Clean and groomed eyebrows can draw attention to the eyes by brightening the face. They can also help balance the shape of the face. Styles and shapes of eyebrows have changed from time to time as a result of a change in era regarding the standards of beauty and fashion in the industry. Before now, women applied eyebrows by completely plucking out their hairs before applying the pencil. Today, eyebrow shape ideas have improved from the formerly known “thick line” to a “thin line” and back again. In addition, we have the straight line, arched, and curved shapes.

Eyebrow shape ideas

  • While it is always good to stay with your naturally shaped eyebrow, you can alter it subtly to fit the shape of your face, making you look like you have achieved an instant facelift! For perfect arches, the following tips can definitely help you achieve this.
  • The first thing you need to do for a new eyebrow shape is to decide the type of shape you want to go for. How do you want your eyebrow to look like on your face? Recently, more people are going with a thicker, natural brow for their face.
  • For an estimate on how it would look like on your face, all you need is just a pencil to determine the area where the hair should begin and where it will end on your brow. Do not forget where the arch will be placed.

How to implement your eyebrow shape ideas

  1. Place the pencil at your nose edge, straight to the inner corner side of your eye. This is the appropriate point where the hair is expected to begin.
  2. Try and hold the pencil straight up, touching the iris of your eyes at the corner edge. Where this meets your brow is the perfect location for your arch.
  3. Lastly, place the edge of the pencil at the nose edge again and tilt your pencil a little bit toward where it meets with the eye corner. The very end of the brow should be the straight line from there.

Methods of Removing Stray Hairs outside your Brow Lines

  1. Taking care of your eyebrows can be done by using tweezers to pluck out the unwanted hair strands.
  2. Another way is to thread your eyebrows. It is an ancient method where the specialist carefully twists a looped thread around the hair before gently gliding the hair out.
  3. Waxing your eyebrows into any shape of choice is another method you can use to get rid of hair strands outside your brow lines.

Some people may decide to get their brows removed at home themselves, but it is always good to fix an appointment with a brow at a spa location near you. Also, a professional is very likely to have some awesome eyebrow shape ideas that you haven’t thought of.

What are you favorite eyebrow shape ideas? Let us know in the comments.