If you need to make a statement for that party or night out at the club, or you just like a fun look for whenever, glow in the dark nails are one of the easiest ways to grab some eyes when you get into low or no lighting. There are tons of polishes for glow in the dark nails that you just paint on like a normal polish. From there, you can do your glow in the dark nails in tons of creative ways, like some of the looks below.

Ombre glow: A popular look is to paint the tips of the nails in an ombre pattern using a polish for glow in the dark nails that looks white in the day and glows at night. It’s a stunning look you can wear to work and to nightclubs.


Glow confetti: Some products have a special confetti you paint on over a base coat, and then the confetti alone glows. It’s a fun glow in the dark nails look for parties.


Geometric glow: Another look is to paint glow in the dark polish into geometric lines. Then the lines show stunning patterns at night, like diamonds and other fun shapes.


Glow in the Dark Nails

Paint drip glow: Another idea is to have a black basecoat. Then on top of that, paint your glow polish in a dripping paint pattern coming from the base of the nails. Then you’ll just see the paint pattern glow in the dark.

Multicolor glow: A fun idea is to have individual nails painted different glowing colors. So each nail is its own fun, free-floating color in the dark.


Single neon shade: On the other hand, having one solid neon color on all the nails is a fun look, too. Your nails will match and look luminous as they dance in the night.


Animal print glow: Another idea is to paint nails in an ombre glow in the dark pattern. You can use two colors or make a whole rainbow. Then over that, paint black zebra stripes or leopard spots so the nails glow from behind the stripes.

Glow in the dark nails

Minion glow nails: Don’t forget character designs, if you have an artistic touch. Some glowing polishes make great characters, especially yellow glowing polish, which is great for creating some Minion nails. Glowing blue works great for their jumpsuits, too.

Glow in the dark nails

Beach glow nails: Beach scenes painted on nails have been a longtime favorite. Glowing nail polish as the background with black beach silhouettes like palm trees, dolphins and starfish looks stunning. Then the nails glow blue in back of the beach scenes, like the ocean itself is shining through.