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They may look really cool, but how bad do nipple piercings hurt? For girls with low pain tolerance, piercings are always harder and more complicated. Whenever people without nipple piercings think about the pain that they might endure when they undergo the procedure, they cannot help but clutch at their chests, clench their teeth, and wish that they have never heard about it. That might be a bit dramatic (not really), but this is true for a few people who have no intentions of undergoing the pain of nipple piercings.

If you already have tattoos, or you already have several piercings in other parts of your body, the nipple piercings will probably not hurt that much because you have a higher threshold for pain. If you are planning to get nipple piercings, here are some things that you should consider.


Find a place that does nipple piercings that has good reviews. Not all of these places give quality services. Check out reviews and see if people would recommend it. If yes, then you can scout if that place and is near you.


Check if they have done a lot of dermal piercings. The more that they have done, the more likely that they will not make any mistake when doing your nipple piercing. Nipple piercing is considered easier than dermal ones.


Make sure that the place is clean! Can you imagine the infection you will get if the place itself is dirty?


Check if they sterilize the tools that they use. You do not want to get diseases from other people that the tools were used on before you.

How Bad do Nipple Piercings Hurt?

How bad do nipple piercings hurt according to those who have gone through it? Some people say that it hurt less than they thought. The nipples are going to be pinched with tongs to find the right spot for the piercings are going to be placed. Once the nipples are pierced, you are probably going to feel a bit uncomfortable.

Expect to experience the following:

  • You may to feel a bit dizzy. You may have a hard time if you try to stand up immediately after getting your nipples pierced.
  • They may bleed during the first 3 days after you have had them pierced. If you do not like blood, then you do not even have to ponder how bad do nipple piercings hurt. You will not go through with it.
  • You need to wash the rods twice a day. Keeping a fresh piercing clean is extremely important. 
  • Wearing clean clothes is highly important when you are trying to heal your nipple piercings. Just imagine what might happen if you expose them to dirt all the time. It can get your nipple piercings infected.

How bad do nipple piercings hurt? A lot of people say that it is one of the most painful piercings they have done, but they would still go through with it because it looks cool.