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Eyelashes can make or break your entire look. Even though eyelashes are important to completing your look, truth be told, most people don’t really know much about them.

How Many Eyelashes Do You Lose a Day?

If you’re concerned about the number of eyelashes you lose in a day, there’s no need to worry. On a daily basis, you will only lose at least one to four eyelashes. Therefore, when you are looking in the mirror and you find that there are one or two eyelashes on your face, this is no reason to panic. However, do you know why or how we always lose a number of eyelashes every day?

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What Causes Eyelashes to Shed?

Our eyelashes shed due to their short life-span or lack of a strong foundation. Even though we lose eyelashes on a daily basis, our body regrows the fallen eyelashes in a couple of days so that the number or eyelashes remains more or less the same. However, the number of the fallen eyelashes will increase when you are experiencing a medical condition. That is why sparse eyelashes can sometimes become an indicator when it comes to your overall health. Just like our hair, eyelashes show the symptoms of stress by falling out.

Can You Reduce How Many Eyelashes You Lose a Day?

If the shed is normal (one to four eyelashes per day), then you do not have to do anything. However, if the number of fallen eyelashes is just too much for you, then you should probably investigate the underlying reason. To start, you may need to have a self-diagnosis about how you have been feeling. Have you been overly stressed? Have you been eating anything that is bad for your body? Ask yourself these questions and if the answer is yes, then you know what to do.

If you feel stressed and your eyelashes are falling out (among other stress-related indicators), then it may be time to take a break for some R&R. You can do this by having some self-care or family time. Managing stress levels, eating better, and taking care of your body can all reduce how many eyelashes you lose in a day.

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