smoke nail art

Looking for a cool new nail art technique? One of the hottest ways to do nails is the smoke nail. As the name suggests, it’s a technique for doing nails that results in a smoke pattern. So you’ll get that pretty, wispy smoke pattern that comes off a candle that was just blown out.

It’s surprisingly easy to do:

  • Start by painting your nails with a basecoat. This is usually in a dark color to let the light smoke pattern really pop. You can do an optional two coats to help the polish set better.
  • Add a clear topcoat to help seal in the basecoats.
  • Paint a few loose, swirling stripes across your nail in the color you want the smoke to be. White is a popular shade for the smoke.
  • Lightly dab some 100 percent acetone for nails on top of those wavy lines. If you’ve never used acetone, it’s a solvent used to remove a host of things like glue, paint and nail polish. Adding just a little will dissolve the nail polish stripes enough to create that wispy pattern.
  • Finish with another clear topcoat.

Beyond that, you may be wondering about some additional styles out there other than your basic black background and white smoke. Below are some styles to help you feel inspired.

Neon black smoke nail art: One stunning look is to have a deep black base with neon smoke patterns. It gives a sort of rave/punk look. Use different neon shades on each nail for a rainbow look.

White and neon smoke nail art: Neon smoke patterns also look stunning over a white basecoat. It’s a bright, cheery look that really helps the colorful smoke pattern come alive.

Purple and white smoke nail art: Another idea is to put a stunning, deep color over a white basecoat. One example is a dark purple. The dark purple looks like an ethereal, fantasy smoke over the bright background.

Ombre smoke nail art: One stunning look is an ombre smoke pattern. This look starts with black tips over a bright red basecoat. The black leads into the red in wispy lines, where the acetone would be added.

Electric green smoke: A radiant electric green looks stunning over a black shade any day. But this look puts the green in light smoke wisps over a black base. The green is slightly ombre in this look, appearing more thick near the tips of the nails.